the meme(s) of musical wishes

I have not one, but TWO, music memes I need to cover.
I: “Stop Trippin’ And Give Me Some Music” Meme.
I should have only done this a week ago. Honey challenged me and I’m more than a little late.
Category 1: Artists you wish would stop trippin and come wit’ anotha album, soon!
Honey mentioned Maxwell, and I was going to mention D’Angelo, but someone else beat me to it, damnit. Thought about it, and Loose Ends, who is rumored to be coming back with another album, is making me very, very anxious.
Category 2: Artists who need to just “stop trippin”.
Alright, people might kill me for this one, but yo – Adriana Evans, you know I love you, but when I had to fall back on the first album, I felt a sense of sadness. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Category 3: Artists who have “gone on” that you wish would stay “Gone”!
All four of the others tagged by Honey said the same thing I’m about to say right about now. If I hear another Tupac album, I swear…
Category 4: “New Artist” who, when you hear em’, you swear, sound like somebody you already know!
Ciara sounds too much like Amerie to me, luckily Rich Harrison knows how to drop the beats better than Ciara’s production crew (who are they anyway?)
Category 5: Artists you wish you would’ve “Tried before you Pryed” open that jewel case!
The Game. Maybe I’m just not feeling them right now, and maybe someone will accuse me of drinking Haterade, but so be it. It’s. not. working.
And now for meme #2:

Part II: EJ’s Soul System.
if you could make up your own musical group, who would the singers be and who would play all the instruments?”
Well, I thought about it for some time because I was going back and forth with several folks both living and dead. But here’s who I finally selected. My addition was that I had to make sure that I had both male and female in each of the spots where I could. I was missing females in the guitar and trumpet spots, however, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know. I don’t need to tell you that this was a tough one for me. Thanks, Diva. I owe you one.
Lead Vocals: Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan
Harmony vocals: Maxine Jones from En Vogue, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Maxwell
Drums: ?uestlove, Sheila E.
Percussion: Sheila E, Paulinho Da Costa
Guitars: Jimi Hendrix, Prince
Keyboards – George Duke, Patrice Rushen
Bassists – Bootsy Collins, Meshell
Trumpet – Herb Alpert
Sax – Grover Washington, Jr., Candy Dulfer
I’m hoping METALFACE, Trader Mike, JT, and George join in, but I just limited myself to four. Please, don’t feel excluded. Join the tribe.

10 comments on “the meme(s) of musical wishes

  1. honey says:

    *gasp* @ the Adriana Evans remark…how dare you, LOL. About meme #2, we have some of the same ones (not a big surprise). Here are mine from as mentioned in Diva’s comments:
    Lead Vocals – Donny Hathaway
    Background – Maxwell, Luther, Aretha and Jill Scott
    Percussion – Questlove
    Guitar – Prince
    Bass – Meshell Ndegeocello
    Keyboards – Herbie Hancock
    Trumpet – Miles Davis
    Sax – John Coltrane
    Of course with all those ego’s the group would last for oh..about 10 minutes but if I ever got a chance to hear my fantasy together, I’d last oh..about 10 minutes before I fainted from pure giddiness, LOL

  2. Pass The Meme Please

    Bobby passed this to me so now *tag* you’re it. Category 1: Artists you wish would stop trippin and come wit’ anotha album, soon! Category 2: Artists who need to just “stop trippin”. Category 3: Artists who have “gone on”…

  3. George Kelly says:

    I’m going to participate in this meme …
    … just as soon as I pick my jaw off of the ground and dust it off at the prospect of all-star bands that have Aretha — Aretha?! — singing backup and no sign of James Brown or Maceo Parker. 😉

  4. Diva says:

    Hey Boogie…lol
    Thanks for doin’ this one…and to think it all started with a 6yr. old. *smile* As far as your statement “Thanks, Diva. I owe you one” goes, I WON’T forget. LOL (Although I do have short-term memory issues…ask Fresh). Take care boo.

  5. KB says:

    WHAT! You don’t know who Ciara’s production team is? WHAT! I’m sure it’ll come to you… OKAY!

  6. hopluv says:

    did I hear Loose Ends might be making a come back? YEAH!

  7. Fresh! says:

    Memes all ova…good one EJ, I need to do Diva’s (who, BTW, has short term memory, yase, but no signs of selective amnesia..ha! As far as who drops beatz for Ciara, that’s Jazze Pha and Co., no?

  8. MsThing says:

    If your dream band wish could come true, there would be NO need for any other group to exist!

  9. Fave says:

    i was a tween when loose ends was hot, but i used 2 love them…(e.g., hanging on a string). they need 2 come back.

  10. Brown Sugar says:

    No you didn’t say Adrianna Evans!!! I’ve been rocking her cd in my cd changer for the past months. I LOVED her cd!!! I still do. Where is she???? What happened to her? People slept on her. I mean…I bought her cd while I was in DC in college. Wow….that had to be 8 years or so ago. Great post!

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