OSW: The Mackmommy Mix

Mackdaddies last week. This week? The mackmommies.

School Wednesday: The Mackmommy Mix, Volume I.

How does one become a mackmommy, you ask? Well, take a look.

Have you ever thought that what you think should be happening really isnt, that
perhaps something’s not quite right, even to the point that you question the
whole relationship?
01 – Pebbles – Giving You The Benefit (Extended Mix)

02 – The Jones Girls – You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else
03 – Janet Jackson – What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Do you think that there’s something out there, something that’s so good, they’ll
end up missing you when you’re gone?
04 – Me’lisa Morgan – If You Can Do It, I Can Do It Too!
05 – Karyn White – Love That’s Mine

And then, finally, finally breaking it off?
06 – CeCe Peniston – Keep On Walkin’
07 – En Vogue – My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)

Well, after that, it’s time for a change in life, and a new set of
08 – Jody Watley – Looking For A New Love
09 – Elisa Fiorillo – On The Way Up
10 – Chaka Khan – This Is My Night

Until, finally, you come to the realization that you are a mack mommy,
right? Right!
11 – Cherrelle – Pick Me Up
12 – LaBelle – Lady Marmalade
13 – Salt n Pepa – Shoop
14 – Adina Howard – Freak Like Me

Enjoy it all. Next week? Mackdaddies, part II, followed by Mackmommies, part II the following week….if everything falls into place.

22 comments on “OSW: The Mackmommy Mix

  1. metaphyzxx says:

    This is the kind of mix that would get me looked at funny if I listened to it while driving. Between the “Oh Shoot” factor, and the chair dancing, I’d look like a nut… I’m loving it.

  2. Fave says:

    This mix is the jump off 4 real. You took me back 2 middle/high schoool, when I fantasized about asymmetrical hairstyle-having girls. Appreciate the nostalgic ride- even though it’s for “mackmommies.”

  3. girlwonder says:

    how about me logging on RIGHT NOW to download keep on walkin’.

  4. saga says:

    As a reformed pimpstress, I must say this is rather pimpstress-alicious. How about I’ve been singing the Jones Girls and Ms. Jackson to JC in my head, oh I dunno – for about a year now?!!!!
    Hm, is it time to embrace my inner-skank & get my Adina Howard on ?

  5. That mix is awesome as usual, big props to you..

  6. Carla says:

    Awww man! You put a big smile on my face with this one. I’m LOVING IT!!!! Thanks for giving me some hot jams to listen to while working.
    Have a good rest of the week.

  7. Todd Kelley says:

    The Jones Girls? You’re killin’ me!!!
    AND you finish it off the Adina Howard.

  8. KB says:

    You’re just having too much fun with these things…

  9. saga says:

    KB – so are us ladies! …lol
    I had to come back…couldn’t resist the call of the mackmommy mix!
    oh, and the fact that I love the Adina jawn is not indicative of my state of mind right now. Really. It. Isn’t. I. Swear.
    ej – u r SO STELLAR for this!

  10. Fresh! says:

    Dang….Elisa Fiorello…u dug in the crates, mang! She was down with Prince for a hot sec! Good mix…MMs represent…lol

  11. lis says:

    you a mess EJ… not only do you put the flava in da ear, but you give us the intro 411 with it! LOL I’m diggin this mix, but what else is new?! I can’t wait till you put one up where I can say it stinks! LOL (doubt that’ll EVER happen)!

  12. Ryan says:

    *applause* oh NO you didnt put Keep On Walking by CeCe Peniston in the mix….lol!
    love the mackmommy mix, EJ

  13. Nikki says:

    Now that’s a mix and a half.

  14. honey says:

    Ok, I’ll embrace my inner mackmommy. Not that I would ever act on it, especially that last part *choke* hehehe. My favs are the Jones Girls, and Cece, been looking for a way to work those in myself. Great job 😉

  15. MsThing says:

    You did the damn thing today, EJ!

  16. Diva says:

    ‘Sup Boogie? You put it down, yeah! Momma’s a huge Huge HUGE En Vogue fan. Me’lisa Morgan, Jody Watley? Yes and yes. *sniff sniff* Momma’s proud of you son. lol

  17. Solomon says:

    Ahh! The wonderful, ghetto fabulous Adina Howard. My GURL!

  18. Cheryl says:

    Waaay cool mix. I LOVE ‘ol school music that brings back memories!

  19. Ariya says:

    As usual, EJ, great list. You’ve got some of the best taste in music on the web. Always giving me something new and old…to explore. Ciao.

  20. Cindy says:

    Hello? Are you still alive? It is March 1st and you haven’t posted in a bit…where for art thou EJ?

  21. neena says:

    always good…always right on time. never thought I’d think about the Jones Girls and Adina at the same time? What is Adina doing now anyway? Doesn’ she have something new out now?

  22. Michelle says:

    Flashback is right. Damn, Shoop has taken me back to some interesting moments this morning. You’re too smooth as always EJ.

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