b12: carless, week 2

My rental car agency.

Baker’s Dozen: Carless, Week 2. From KB’s

  1. After not having my car for a week, I finally folded and got a rental car from Hertz.
    Me staying at home and not having gone to the gym is not good thing. This
    will be rectified today.
  2. "Why didn’t you get your car this week," you ask? Well, first it’s
    the transmission. Next, the axle. It’s supposed to be ready this week. I’m
    not holding my breath.
  3. Getting the mack mommy mix ready for OSW started out being really difficult,
    but of course, when the women start putting their requests in the ring, it
    suddenly got really easy. Look forward to another mack daddy, and then another
    mack mommy mix. In short, we’re all set through March at this rate.
  4. Got to speak to Saga,
    who then introduced me to Fave.
    Yet another cool blog to read – and an even cooler person.
  5. Speaking of which, what happened to The Prom Queen Is Dead?
  6. Not only has Prom Queen been dethroned, but Around
    The Way Girl has taken her ball and gone home, too
    . Man!
  7. Even though I can’t make it to SXSW,
    I will be making it to New York on April 10th for
    Brown Sugar
    . New Yorkers, this is your official notice. Check it out.
    Let Nichelle know if you’re going to make it.
  8. The first thing I do when I get my rental car? I go to the record store.
    What do I pick up? New Sector Movement’s Download
    , Geno Young’s The
    Ghetto Symphony
    , and Silhouette
    . Just because eXponent is on lockdown now doesn’t mean I’ve stopped.
    Look an upcoming review or two, particularly on New Sector Movement, which
    is in my ears right as we speak.
  9. Speaking of which, have you even gotten into Audioscrobbler?
    If you’re a music maniac, I’d suggest you do so. Who, me? ejflavors
    of course. I’d be thrilled to find out what everybody’s listening to, and
    on top of that, you can check out what I’m vibing to. Thanks, Ofrenda
    and Hashim,
    for the hook-up.
  10. I meant to do the radio blog and song selections from J. Brotherlove’s post
    To Ten
    , but I got sidetracked with the Mack Mommies.
  11. Did anyone besides me sit there on Friday night, and instead of going out,
    decided to watch NBC’s splendid version of Enterprise?
    They are not renewed, and as such, the episodes have gotten intense. Just
    when I thought that Enterprise was weaker than weak, they’re pulling out all
    the stops. Damn….
  12. You know it’s bad attempting to come up with twelve thoughts, when for the
    12th one, you have nothing to talk about but television. Did anyone see the
    Watch/Medical Investigation crossover episode?
    Wyclef Jean was in this
    episode, and as much as I don’t want to admit it, I really loved it. Okay,
    it’s official. I’m ultra lame on a Friday night. Ahh well.

10 comments on “b12: carless, week 2

  1. As a matter of fact, I did see ENTERPRISE this past Friday. I vowed to Lil’NiccaStrippaHo, the only one I know who watches religiously, that when they moved to Fridays, no longer opposite SMALLVILLE, I would give it another try. No haps, but after last week’s ep I think I’m hooked! Janeway still could kick Archer’s ass.

  2. MsThing says:

    Argh! I missed 3rd Watch on Friday. *cries* I went to Birmingham to do a little historical sightseeing. The time change threw me off :(. Can a sista get Friday reminder calls? LOL

  3. malik says:

    Didn’t watch Enterprise yet; TiVo catches it on the Sunday night rerun. Since the Digital TV can only do two channels at a time, Fridays are SciFi for me, NBC (or something) for Troy. Gotta watch it this afternoon when i get home. I didn’t realize they’d been canceled. {little sob}
    PS – Um … does the HERTZ logo count as a picture? Just asking.

  4. Bernie says:

    I’ve gone 6 and a half years without a car. What’s the big deal?
    Look forward to seeing you when you get to NYC.

  5. Nikki says:

    In regards to Geno Young cd, one of my sorors from Dallas sent me his cd last month. It’s been in heavy rotation in my changer since I got it. Honeydew is my joint!!

  6. 1. Beat LH’s tale for not closing his tags.
    2. You don’t get off so easy; there’s no expiration date on that playlist challenge.

  7. rod says:

    a. The Hertz logo is stretching it, but since we love you so much it’s okay. But to parse terms, let’s say a logo is an image … [giggle] but, to quote our former Prez, it depends on what your definition of is is. [/giggle]
    b. Have no idea who The Prom Queen is. But then again, I’m just discovering Technorati!
    Thanks for the laughs.

  8. Brown Sugar says:

    I don’t know what just happened. I swear I posted a comment and then I got some damn error message. So…here goes again. I SAID that I thought you were talking about me when you said you were going to Brown Sugar in NY. I was like, “Huh? What is he talking about? LOL I’m not going to be in NY around that time.” LOL Silly me. Anyway, I eventually realized that you weren’t talking about THE (meaning me) Brown Sugar. hahahaha Also, you’re going to have to hip me on this radio blog thingy. I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate some tunes on my blog one way or the other. Anywho…I’m out. Oh…good luck with your car!

  9. gwen says:

    Enterprise has been 50x better this whole season [cept that theme song, that is so not the cream of the Star Trek Themes crop] and it’s a shame they killed its chances by moving it to such a bad slot — has anything but X-Files and ABC’s mind-numbing TGIF have ever done decent on Fridays?
    I wish audioscrobbler counted the RBs…

  10. sandra says:

    oh snap! I missed 3rd Watch/Med Investigation combo platter–but really, I’m not a huge 3rd Watch fan but I do like Med Investigation though…some cop shows I can’t bring myself to watch..I dunno why (excluding Law & Order series of course) but I love the medical shows!

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