The Weekly Vibe: Hip Hop Collaboration I

One of the things I’m doing this year is starting to drop weekly vibes on music
that’s often in my headphones or playing in the car. This week, I thought it
would be good to drop science about the hip-hop- CDs slept on last year, the
ones that are presently making people bob their heads, and most important, ones
up and coming this year. KB
mentions us as SP’s, or sound
. Has a nice ring to it, and I believe we want to keep that vibe.
Check it out.

Weekly Vibe – Hip Hop Collaboration.

01 – Snoop Dogg – Signs (Feat Charlie Wilson And Justin Timberlake).
Sorry, but please don’t hate me when I say that this song is absolutely stupid
and is probably my most played cut this week.

02 – Ludacris – Child Of The Night (Feat. Nate Dogg).
Ditto on this
track. The hook that makes the track stand out? Portugese Love.

03 – Deep Thinkers – Movin’ On. There are some benefits
of sharing tunes and being able to listen and appreciate good flows. Deep
is no exception. The CD, Necks Move is a solid CD which, in my
opinion, isn’t considered mainstream, which makes it more appealing. Those who
can appreciate good turntablism can appreciate Movin’ On. Their release is scheduled
on 3/8/05. If anyone’s interested in more information about this release, let
me know.

04 – Bathgate – Everything’s A Go (The Flow). Ian, the mastermind of
Notes From a
Different Kitchen
, dropped Bathgate to me last month. The label Supreme
, which is their mission to bring back classic underground hip
hop music, is distributing the first release from Bathgate, a Harlem MC with
a tight flow. There’s a great writeup about him here,
so check him out.

05 – Mos Def – Leavin’ On A Jet Plane.
dropped this one on me (and for some reason I thought it was Honey. My bad). Color me dizzy.

06 – Jazze Pha – Can I Walk By.
Friends dropped me a CD from Jazze
Pha that had not been released, "Do You Know This Playboy." Several
good cuts on that CD. This is one of them.

07 – Handsome Boy Modeling School – The World’s Gone Mad.
Good stuff.
I’m not alone. I’m sure Todd and KB say the same thing I do about HBMS.

08 – Murs – The Animal.
Was sent to me for the Christmas season, and
I have no idea who sent it to me. For the person I got this from, thanks much.
Please let me know who you are.

09 – Wordsworth – 12 Months.
I believe it will be one of the sleepers
this year.

10 – Gift of Gab – Ride of Your Life. Dropped by Todd Kelley (pound

11 – Ghostface Killah – Holla.
Another CD I slept on from last year.
(Thank Saga for the goodness).

12 – Edgar Allen Floe – The Righteous Way To Go.
Think Foreign Exchange.
Todd also dropped this one to me.

13 – Snopp Dogg – Drop It Like Its Hot (Remix).
Another track from
Honey. Features Jay-Z.

14 – Big Pooh (Little Brother) – Heart Of The City. Another Todd Kelley

15 – One.Be.Lo – Decepticons (Pete Rock Remix). One more from Honey.

16 – Ali Shaheed Muhammed – Industry/Life. When I talked to Ali, he
mentioned that promotion for this CD was a little light, and he’s hoping that
people start vibing to it this year. I’ll be dropping more cuts as well.

Feedback? Things we may have forgotten or need to vibe to? Drop it here.

11 comments on “The Weekly Vibe: Hip Hop Collaboration I

  1. Salrac says:

    16- Ali Shaheed Muhammed – Industry/Life. Man this album has not left the ipod. 5 months is a long time. I think it was refreshing to get some sh*t that just feels real. Current fav off album Lord Can I Have This Mercy featuring Chip. Others that I have enjoyed are Put Me On and Banga. Also check out the remix’s for elevated orange and Lord Can I Have This Mercy.

  2. Rod says:

    05 – Mos Def – Leavin’ On A Jet Plane.
    Those tracks are lovely. It’s a shame that lately, Mos Def has done more acting. Very talented.
    I’m also feeling that Ghostface Killah.
    As usual, EJ has the scoop! Now I have to log onto Amazon …

  3. Fresh! says:

    EJ…good lookin’ out on the list. While I don’t claim to be a current hip-hop aficionado, u dropped two in particular I’m gonna check out: Jazze Pha and Ali Shaheed’s joints (especially after Salrac’s thumbs up).

  4. Todd Kelley says:

    i’m lovin’ new music mondays!!!! between honey and ej, my day of music is set!
    The Deep Thinkers cut if crazy!!!!!
    I wasn’t feeling Bathgate at first, but by the end of the cut i was noddin’!
    All Justus League cuts are dope (of course!)
    I’m even feeling the Snoop Dogg cut (that may be a first!)

  5. gwen says:

    thank you, i finally remembered to pick up the ali shaheed muhammed. i might need this snoop too 😉
    p.s. i *just now* caught on that your moon up top rotates, i was thinking in the back of my head that you redo your layout practically every time i visit!

  6. What I’m Listening To Right now

    Treats!!! Treats all over the place!!! Peep: I got to chime in with EJ flavor’s dope-ass hip hop collaboration I this week! follow up with the EJ / Phill / Freash OSW Triple threat! Honey’s keepin’ you updated with…

  7. Rocka says:

    EJ, I am looving ur list… esp all ur Snoop joints. Snoop has been the king of the west coast for a minute… who else could re-make Justin into summin hot after nipplegate…
    And the Drop it like it hot remix… It’s on fire… I love ur ears…

  8. honey says:

    Definitely head noddin’ to this one EJ. This is a good mix and shows that not all hip hop is alike. I luv hearing the new joints from Deep Thinkers and Bathgate. I’m middle of the road for both but interested in hearing more.

  9. Michael says:

    I just got the Deep Thinkers CD and am loving it. Hopefully these guys will get the exposure they deserve.

  10. METALFACE says:

    Wordsworth ws one of the most slept on joints of 2004. That and De La’s “Much More” had me stoked.

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