OSW: the Fresh! mix

When Fresh! from Vibes n Scribes hits me
up, you know I have to answer the call. In case you’re unfamiliar with Fresh!,
know that he is the man who vibes,
who scribes,
and is also one of the
masterminds behind a production company
. He asked, so I had to deliver:

School Wednesday: The Fresh! Mix.

These songs range from the disco era (1978) to the nineties (1993). (Pop quiz:
which song is the oldest? Which song is the newest?)

01 – Invisible Man’s Band – All Night Thing.
02 – Foxy- Get Off.
03 – D-Train – You’re The One For Me.
04 – Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Streets.
05 – Steve Arrington – Weak At The Knees.
06 – Howard Johnson – So Fine.
07 – Kashif – Lover Turn Me On.
08 – Chic – Your Love.
09 – The System – You Are In My System.
10 – Aurra – Are You Single.
11 – Mac Band – Roses Are Red.

Tell me….were you when you first heard some of these cuts?
Show your love! Reminisce, and enjoy the vibe.

15 comments on “OSW: the Fresh! mix

  1. gwen says:

    mmmmmm…so fine! you gotta play between evelyn king and ‘cutie pie’ and it’s on KDIA in the morning before getting on the bus for school.

  2. That’s my DJ!!!

    Oh man, jewels of the net!!! My boy EJ blessed me with featuring some cuts we were chatting about last week. For those who don’t know EJ, he is the infamous author and creator OSW (Old School Wednesdays). That’s my…

  3. Michael says:

    Excellent collection. That D-Train joint is my sh!t. Steve Arrington, ‘So Fine’… straight classics. Good work my man.

  4. NarniaLore says:

    ooh good one this week, EJ…’You Are In My System’ ahhh….i love this song!

  5. lis says:

    i’m dragging my pc into a private office so i can turn it up and really get my party on! Awesome mix.
    OK… here are my GUESSES for the pop quiz (major guesses, cause I sure as heck don’t know:
    Which song is the oldest?
    Unlimited Touch – I Hear the Music
    Which song is the newest?
    Mac Band – Roses are Red
    …Bites nails, and awaits repercussions of wrong guesses…

  6. Carla says:

    Ahhh OSW!
    You messed my up (in a good way) when I saw Kashif! Yet, I can’t recall what was going on with me when I used to listen to that.

  7. honey says:

    I wasn’t born when most of these came out…whoaaaa, was that lightning striking? LOL j/k. I rememeber all those but nothing particularly interesting comes to mind about what happened when I first heard them. I’m loving this one EJ 😉

  8. Rod says:

    This is a great mix. I’m so old school that it hurts. You’ve included four of my favorites:
    Foxy – Get Off
    Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Streets
    Howard Johnson – So Fine
    Chic – Your Love
    The System – You Are In My System

    I’m a sucker for the late 70s, early 80s dance sound. I think Prelude Records epitomized the phenom: strong vocals, lots of bass and drum, great harmony, smooth intros and the catchiest of hooks.
    Why didn’t you include some Sharon Redd like Beat the Streets or Can You Handle It?…the extended Francois K remix? **heehee**
    Fabulous work, keep it up. I love your blog and am glad that we are e-friends.

  9. groovebunny says:

    Incredible mix! And it sure brings back memories. The only one I’d never heard before was “I Hear Music in the Streets”

  10. godizus says:

    You did it again! I can always count on your playlists being hot…now pardon me while I “GET OFF!”

  11. Fresh! says:

    Awwww, EJ, I didn’t know there was gonna be a pop quiz, but since this is the OSW mix I inspired, here goes:
    Oldest: Get Off – 1978
    Newest: Mac Band – circa 1986?
    Lemme see… the reminiscing:
    01 – Invisible Man’s Band – All Night Thing.
    It was April 1980, my band, Black Frost, played this song at our HS talent show. I sang lead vocals, my boy Kenny sync’d the house lights to the lyrics “…flashing lights or red, blue, yellow, and green” LOL. We took second place to the baddest band in EO, “Sundae”.
    02 – Foxy- Get Off – Bought the 45 rpm record, then later the 12″ single, as I started DJ. The jam was a mainstay at many a house party and a fave on the one and two. I thought the lyrics were mad racy for the time… We rocked to this
    03 – D-Train – You’re The One For Me – As Brotha2Brotha said, classic jam. Hubert Eaves and James “D-Train” Williams rocked the airwaves of WRKS, 98.7 Kiss out of NYC and appeared on their Kiss Mastermix LPs
    04 – Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Streets – Yep, one of Prelude’s gems. Nice jam, along with the sleeper Private Party. Trivia – The lead female singer also sang lead on what Jeff Lorber hot dance tune?
    05 – Steve Arrington – Weak At The Knees – Man, phat nasty and funky. I think one of Steve’s nastiest jams. DoubleTrivia – What famous black haircare product commercial did Stevie sing lead on and recorded with Slave for? and what is Stevie doing now?
    06 – Howard Johnson – So Fine – This one prolly brings back the most reminiscing. I was still playing with my neighborhood R&B band when we came home from breaks, and we could never quite get that thick vocal harmony he had, so many times, especially on those day trips to the beach, me and the fellas used to try and hit it on the sand and surf. Got it one time, drew a lil crowd…heh.
    07 – Kashif – Lover Turn Me On – Yeah, another hot one on WBLS-FM’s playlist. Kashif was a top producer back then, always smooth. Nice tune.
    08 – Chic – Your Love – Funny, being a big Chic fan, also covering their tunes with the band…this was one of the lesser faves, but nice. Nile Rodgers was a big influence on my playing style, coming up.
    09 – The System – You Are In My System – I..love…The System!. This is a cah-lass-ic. I’ve always been awed by David Franks, intricate but phat drum and synth programming! I have everything they released. DoubleTrivia – Mic Murphy was a roadie for what R&B band before hookin’ up with Dave Frank? (Hint: “Keeep Your Body Workin'”) and what unknown diva (living in the same building as Mic) did The System record demos for her, while she was yet an unknown singer? (Hint: “Vogue”)
    10 – Aurra – Are You Single – Phat!!! Aurra was the brain child of Steve Washington (Slave). I remember seeing them on Soul Train and bought that album (their second actually) after copping their debut, which was a sleeper. Funny story…Phillip Fields, Aurra’ keyboardist, was also partner to James Mtume (“Juicy Fruit”). I remember takin’ my cuz home one Saturday night about 2am. Ridin’ through a sorta rough part of town, we came to a red light behind another car. The light turned green, but the car ahead didn’t move. We were sitting under a train over pass in the dark. Out comes these two figures to my driver side. We were like…oh no…. It was James Mtume and Phillip Fields…they caught a flat tire…LOL. We helped them push the Caddy to the side…and chatted with them for a bit..LOL
    11 – Mac Band – Roses Are Red – I just plain like this song all around, lyrically and musically. The beat is dope. More songs need to be written like this…
    Happy Friday crew…

  12. EJ that FRESH MIX was quite that, FRESH! You hit on so many of my favorite songs! I found myself listening to them again from my library afterwards! Ah that felt good! Thank you!!!!

  13. DebWire says:

    Excellent selection. I was clubbing it with my girls when a lot of these came out. Others on your list, well, I was married with a small child and the clubbing days were on haitus until my divorce years later. 😉

  14. DebWire says:

    Oh — and I do believe I may have been dancin’ alone in my bedroom with the strobe light flashing and speakers blaring to some of these because I was still underage and couldn’t yet go clubbin’. 😀

  15. Innertemple says:

    I had been singing ‘so fine’ all week and had to find it! When I mentioned it to my friend he found this amazing site. I remember shockin out to some of these tunes at a weekday under 18’s party night in london as a very young lady! I was blessed with pretty liberal parents! I am off to check out the rest of the site!Thanks EJ!

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