Today’s OSW is bought to you by the initials CITNWABOI, dropped
to us by none other than our pal and host Joe…better known as Metaphyzxx.
You may wonder what CITNWABOI means. Rather than tell you,
why don’t I share a little bit of our IM convo just last week, while we were
talking about old-school EWF and….well, read on:

[0751] Joe: a little EWF, Chi-Lites, Bloodstone
[0751] EJ: ooooh
[0751] Joe: I was listenin to Natural High the other day
[0751] EJ: don’t get me started, cause i’ll certainly keep that in mind
for the next OSW.
[0751] Joe: why all the male singers in the 70’s wanna sing like they
was wearin their toddler’s drawls
[0751] Joe: or got clubbed in the nuts with a bag of ice
[0752] EJ: LMAO
[0752] EJ: i might have to quote you on that.
[0752] Joe: you can have it
[0752] EJ: we were gonna do an OSW with the whiners: Rome, Keith….

[0753] Joe: OH LORD……..
[0811] Joe: oh, I can do stuff…
[0811] EJ: you gonna drop it on us? that way we can pull everybody over
to your spot Wednesday.
[0811] Joe: think about it.. "Didn’t I blow ya mind this time, didn’t
[0812] Joe: for next wednesday…
[0812] Joe: I can do it
[0812] EJ: Stylistics/Chi-Lites.
[0812] Joe: gotta do some research on format, but it’s on
[0812] Joe: Blue Magic
[0812] Joe: Sideshow

Make no mistake about it, Joe brings us the hotness with our CITNWABOI!

Stop laughing (and wincing) and show your love!

12 comments on “OSW: CITNWABOI

  1. Fresh! says:

    CITNWABOI!! LOLOL….I am ‘cold’ crossin’ my legs!! LOLLL

  2. malik says:

    Classic. Just classic. LOL!!!

  3. Todd Kelley says:

    How can you have CITNWABOI with no Keith Sweat? If anybody has ever sounded like they got CITNWABOI, it’s Keith’s ‘no-singing’ a$$.
    Actually. That’s more like CITNWABPH (Ball-Pin Hammer)…
    …uh… nevermind

  4. metaphyzxx says:

    Actually, Keith sounds more like he went into the studio, and his tongue went to sleep…

  5. lis says:

    you cats is cwazy…

  6. lis says:

    {couldn’t post to meta’s spot…} now you guys know, when you are tryna get at it, the first thing you pull out is these falsetto’esque brovvas, us ladies love to hear! ESP. Maxwell… Prince… Brian… Heatwave… well ~ all of’um! LOL Playlist is dope!

  7. honey says:

    Speak on it sis (Lis). Maxwell and Prince can whine to me anyday, lol. I also tried to post over at meta’s too, not sure if it took.

  8. metaphyzxx says:

    Comments work now. Main reason I have those songs are for “setting the mood”. I’m just hatin cuz I cant hit the high notes anymore when I sing.

  9. gwen says:

    can i getta little el debarge on there? and can we have the beggin’ mens next?

  10. metaphyzxx says:

    I was thinkin El Debarge too

  11. Queen Sexy says:

    *deaaaaaaaath* so THAT’S what that means. ROFL

  12. Rogue says:

    I am sorry, but if you are going to have beggin’ menz … you have to have Keith. No one begs more or better than KS.

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