it’s warmer in here: the mix

[Edit 01.25.05 – added four more people….scroll to the end]

It’s cold outside but it’s warm in here. George
tagged me on
this one
. So what? It’s Sunday.

Random 10:

1. Loose Ends – Gratitude
2. Blaze – Keep Hope Alive
3. Jazzanova – Sponsored By The Alphabet
4. Gaelle – Rain
5. Jody Watley – Skin Deep
6. Madvillain – Bistro
7. Unlimited Touch – Your Love Is Serious
8. Incognito – Autumn Song
9. Night Of Music – Savannah
10. Sly & The Family Stone – Family Affair

1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?

Let’s see…my iPod has about 1010 songs, (5.04GB). It’s new and I try to keep
it at a minimum. The laptop, Hermes, has 4,623 songs (23.69GB) because it’s
with me at all times. Just for kicks, I also dropped the server Apollo in the
mix, which as of now has 18,804 songs, (72.7 GB). Like George,
they come from everywhere, from everyone…downloads, mixes, you name it.

2.The last CD you bought is:

Flow Featuring Donna Garnier – Can You Feel It
from the rekkasto, The
Game’s Untold Story
from Amazon.

3.What is the song you last listened to before this message?

Interestingly enough, I was listening to "Walk on By", By D-Train….preparing
for OSW, of course.

4. Write down five songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

As of today, these mean a lot or stick in my head: Gaelle’s "Repetition";
Heatwave’s "Star of the Story"; Esthero’s "Half A World Away";
Michael Johnson’s "Own Way"; Wordsworth’s "Shoulder". They
just hit me in the right spots right this minute.

Honorable Mentions: Snoop Dogg/Charlie Wilson/Justin Timberlake’s "Signs";
Swing Out Sister’s "All In Your Mind/O Pesadelo Dos Autores"; Lo-Key/Herb
Alpert’s unreleased version of "Hey There Pretty Lady"; Isaac Hayes’
"Return of the Pimpmobile"; Massive Attack/Tracy Thorn’s "Protection"
; Cee-Lo’s "Sometimes"; Laurnea’s "No Shame"… I could
do this all day….

5. Who are you gonna pass this stick to (three persons and why)?

I can’t believe I have to limit myself to three people, but:
and JT
already did it, and Todd
can’t do it right now (we’re still performing surgery- so I’ll just tag him
to do it once he’s back in the mix)…. but for the three right now: KB
(cause he loves it, I know he does, and I gotta poke him), Honey
(because I’m still wondering what she and Lis
were talkin’ ’bout last week), and Fresh!
(’cause I still have to answer his questions from last week).

[01.25.05 – adding four more: Anitra,
cause she needs to provide us with her goodness; James,
because he’s got all the good jazz stuff and no-one’s hit him up yet; Joseph,
because I know he’s got some good stuff in his head; Timi,
’cause she needed to be tagged the last time.].

There are 15 more people in my head, right now, so if you’re reading this,
I want to know what’s in your head too!

18 comments on “it’s warmer in here: the mix

  1. Jason T. says:

    I’m in love with “Signs”. Justin Timberlake is killing it on that joint.
    The Apollo server is ridiculous.

  2. Negro Please says:

    Friday Saturday Random Ten – I Should Already Be Dressed Edition

    Should I start my day now? Like get dressed before dusk? Maybe. Or Maybe I’ll just keep listening to music.

  3. KB says:

    OK, I’m it. I’m busy but I’ll do it. Between shoveling snow, playing with the Mini, and watching football I’ll try to squeeze it in some way.

  4. Listen to the Mix

    A quick meme, because EJ tagged me. Go Pittsburgh!…

  5. Sunday Random Ten: Damn, Look At All Of This Snow Edition

    There’s about 10-14 inches of snow outside and I’m not in the mood to shovel it. Oh well, what are you gonna do? Somebody has to do the dirty work. But before I go out and wage war on the snow, here’s what’s rockin’ in my iTunes/iPod. I stole this fro…

  6. Meme in The Mix

    I’ve been tagged by EJ, who was tagged by George. I hate to be the one who drops the baton and loses the gold so I’m running with it. Random 10: 1. Luther Vandross – Creepin 2. Pete Rock and…

  7. honey says:

    Excuse me while I drool over the number of songs on Apollo, 18,804, whoa! That’s a musical goldmine, you better get insurance and lo-jack on that, LOL. Lis and I? Oh we were just talkin about baking cookies and other innocent stuff like that, hehe

  8. Random 10: The Homework Sucks Edition

    Two memes for the price of one

  9. Where U at? says:

    The Music Challenge

    I saw this on jt’s and ej’s 1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer? I have a mean little system going in storing my music. All of my music is stored on dvds. I have

  10. Fresh! says:

    Man, hold up, I have 1027 on my ‘Pod but it takes up 9.2GB…the technology is all that much better!
    Yeah, E, get ta answerin’, Honey has beat u to it already (grin)
    Happy Monday to all…

  11. lis says:

    this meme really took me back. it took me an hour to complete it! ah well, was a fun exercise.
    don’t werr ’bout what me and honey is tawkin bout!

  12. Todd Kelley says:

    A brotha ain’t even up and runnin’ and he STILL get’s tagged.
    I’m on it tomorrow, cat daddy!!!

  13. My Music Meme (ory)

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  15. Music Personality

    EJ tagged me to complete after Carla overlooked me, so here it goes…

  16. Timi says:

    I love that song “sometimes” by Cee-Lo.

  17. says:

    I Got Tagged….

    I was quietly sitting in the corner minding my own business when EJ decided to tag me. This is going…

  18. Tagged: The Mix

    So EJ tagged me for this. I guess I should finally get around to it. Random 10: Musiq Soulchild – Halfcrazy Blackstar – K.O.S. (Determination) Dr. Dre, Eminem & Xzibit – What’s the Difference Everything but the Girl – Missing…

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