friday melodies – the mellow flow.

I wanted to start the year 2005 off with an exciting note. Little did I know
that I would that my SUV would too. Brother EJ is kinda broke, but at least
the vehicle works now.

Since I was literally unable to use the brakes to slow down my vehicle, I’ve
decided to apply brakes somewhere where they would be effective, and that’s
here. I’m still listening to the Christmas presents (12 CDs! thanks y’all!),
so there’s a lot of music to drop – including some previews of some hip hop
albums that are scheduled for released the first quarter of this year so stay
tuned. Today, I’m going to drop the mellow flow.

Friday Melodies – The Mellow Flow.

01 – Frank McComb.
– White Line In the Sky.
02 – Eric Roberson
– Runaway. From Esoteric.
03 – Lalah Hathaway
– Your Favorite Song. One of the finest tracks on the album Outrun The
04 – Siji – Starting
05 – Fantasia
– Truth Is. Alright, as much as I wasn’t willing to admit it, I
kinda dig this album and got infected with it.
06 – New
– Newness. Most people were grooving to Hot 2 Nite. I didn’t quite
warm to this album as I had in their past endeavours, but this track stuck out.
07 – HEAVY
– Wonderlove (For Minnie). Nicky Guiland & Casey Benjamin drop a track that’s
a tribute to Minnie Ripperton.
08 – Julie Dexter – Look
Who’s Got Your Back. From Conscience.
09 – Kenny Lattimore – Climb The
Mountain. From his first CD, my personal favorite track.
10 – Michael
– Be My Woman. A labelmate and producer of Julie Dexter. His style
has been described as "mediative funk". From Servant Master.
11 – Wordsworth
– Shoulder. The Underground Post described his CD as an "introspective,
sensitive joint"
. I agree.
12 – Snoop Dogg – Perfect (Featuring Charlie Wilson). This isn’t my favorite track, however. It didn’t quite fit in this mix, so I didn’t include it here, but will be here next Friday. Be on the lookout for it.
13 – Val Watson – Earth,
Wind & Fire. Remember Club Nouveau? Well, in my search for anything Loose
Ends, I got wind of this CD. This former lead vocalist from Club Nouveau drops
tracks which features quite a few artists (including Jane Eugene), so I was
pleased to pick it up. Stay tuned for a couple of tracks from her CD as well.

Have a great weekend.

11 comments on “friday melodies – the mellow flow.

  1. rocka says:

    EJ, I have been tryin to avoid this Fantasia mania that has seem to effect most of my friends. I am not really into screaming wanna be’s… But last night I heard Truth is on this slow jam mix, and I instantly fell in love with the lyrics… So I am jumping on the bandwagon.
    BTW… I am also loving New Edition new album. It’s pretty low key, and it’s not gonna win them any new fans or awards, but its a solid endeavor.

  2. honey says:

    We are on the same vibe again I see, LOL. EJ, EJ, EJ….what can I say. You do mellow soooo well 😉 I hadn’t heard Siji, Heavy, or Val before. Thanks for smoothing me out.

  3. lis says:

    you know i am all on the mellow tip, so this arby is perfection for me. between you and honey (on the maxwell tip), i’m closing out the work week wonderfully!

  4. hopluv says:

    Fantasia’s CD is addictive, I put it in my car over three weeks ago and its still rotating! It takes a lot for a sista to put down her Loose Ends and Intro CDs lol.

  5. groovebunny says:

    Great Friday mix. As for your 4Runner. Glad you got those brakes fixed. I need to take mine in to get clutch work done. I wonder how long I can put that off for? lol Happy 3 day weekend! 🙂

  6. Berry says:

    Nice 🙂 Perfect for a cold and cloudy Saturday morning.

  7. Another great mix of music!

  8. the nOvaSlim says:

    You know I luh me some Eric, and “Runaway” is one of my fave joints on Esoteric. You betta represent, boy.

  9. Todd Kelley says:

    man, i get friday off and i miss errthing!!!

  10. Lisa says:

    Julie Dexter…alright now! *blow dust off cds* I haven’t heard her spilling from my speakers in a while. Very good list you have going here, sir.

  11. James says:

    EJ, loving your mix of tunes here. Is the Frank McComb track from an upcoming release or soundtrack that I missed? It is nice. I need to pickup the next Julie Dexter as well.

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