friday melodies – the KB vibe

Some guys
have been waiting for me to post the answers to OSWs
. Well, here ya go…..

  1. "Change of Heart" was produced by Jimmy
    Jam and Terry Lewis
    , and was produced by Jacques Fred Petrus,
    the creator and executive producer of Change. The duo flew
    to Italy to produce the album but they never got paid!
  2. Mary Davis, after separating from the SOS Band,
    generated two albums, Steppin’ Out and Separate Ways,
    which was a LaFace production (LA, Babyface,
    DeRock, and Kayo). LaFace also produced
    tracks off of the Mac Band’s first album. "Stuck"
    was the first single. After she released this album, Mary worked at Peppermint
    in Atlanta until August 1995 where she reunited with the
    band for live shows.
  3. We all know about Junior Giscombe because someone
    . That someone didn’t know that James "D-Train"
    was a football player who decided he wanted to sing instead
    and hooked up with Hubert Eaves III.
  4. For Dynasty’s "The Only One", yes, it’s true
    that Leon Sylvers, III produced this album, but the writers
    were no other than the ones mentioned above, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. These
    tracks were done before Flytetyme took off in full force.
  5. Last but not least, Portrait’s neo-soul "On And On"
    was graced by no other than Grover Washington, Jr. (Dec.
    12, 1943 – Dec. 7, 1999).

Today, the man on the turntables is no other than KB, who’s bouncing the tunes
with his
After Party
. Head on over there and bounce to it! With Koffee Brown
all the way to Dave Hollister, you have no choice but to bob
your head. I know I’m bobbin’ mine.

Coming this weekend: another collabo, and stay tuned for the next OSW…it’s
already in the works….

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  1. Fresh! says:

    LOL “D-Train” sounds like one of those black football player names from the 1950’s…LOL. Good questions, EJ. I gotz more for the next round…..

  2. damn i knew all those answers 🙁

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