b12: look ma! no brakes!

Baker’s Dozen: Look ma! No brakes! From KB’s

  1. This weekend I spent time working on my 101/1001. I
    even managed to come up with one website to keep all of the information
    Check here on the right hand side periodically, or check on the website.
  2. 43 things looks
    like it could be interesting as well. Since Hashim has mentioned it, I may
    partake in it. Doesn’t seem too different from 101/1001.
  3. While I managed to get un-nominated for the BoB awards for best music blog,
    they gave me props
    for being a great music blog
    , and for that I’m grateful. They really are
    good people, and thanks for the nominations everyone.
  4. Speaking of music blogs, I may very well stop posting
    to this blog
    . Most of my musical tastes are here on this blog, so we’ll
    just call it the one-stop-shop for things on my mind. It’s easier that way.
  5. While there’s not a lot of free time in my life, I do the workout thang. I even
    blog about that too now. The domain name? It’s a combination of a nickname
    given to me by Ronn Taylor
    + [dot] ejflavors [dot] com. Anyone want to take any guesses?
  6. Is it okay to be a little dissapointed with Alias?
    I wasn’t as thrilled with it as I wanted to be. Did I miss something?
  7. I may have been a little dissapointed with Alias but 24
    rocked the big one. In fact, I’m watching it right now after just getting
    home from the gym not 3 hours ago. Wanna know what happened?
  8. While I’m at work today, I check my email on my cellular phone (yeah, I
    know, after being almost a week late), and I have a three people that I need
    to call, so I write the numbers down, preparing to call them after my workout.
    My brakes sound strange, but I think nothing of it.
  9. I lost a USB connector to my iPod so I head to a Circuit City after the
    workout. I don’t think much about the car going down a hill and not stopping
    like it’s supposed to.
  10. I get ready to call two
    people (and if possible, the
    third one also) on the way
    home, and all of a sudden I realize that my brake light is on and that I
    cant stop my vehicle!
    WTF! i run up on the curb and the brake light goes
    off, so I get onto the highway to take it back home with the hazard lights
  11. …only to get off at my exit and not be able to stop without putting the
    emergency brakes. I can’t even turn into the subdivision, and manage to just
    barely coast past and have to let Prime
    know what’s up and to come pick me up.
  12. Today’s lesson learned? Anything electronic, or having a motor, when touched
    by me, will cease to work after a period of time. Computers, iPaqs and now
    cars. Geeze. I’ll be studying this
    for the evening. And for the ones I was planning on calling tonight, don’t hate me. I’m sure you didn’t wanna hear me scream if I hit something.

15 comments on “b12: look ma! no brakes!

  1. Carla says:

    I saw the title of your entry and thought you were about to make me laugh with the B12. I was wrong! Thank the Lord you did get into an accident.
    *thinking* *thinking* I don’t have a clue as to what #5 could be.
    Talk to you soon.

  2. DebWire says:

    Thank goodness you’re safe. Should I ever meet you in person, I swear you cannot touch anything electronic that I own. Zip. Nada.
    Oh, and #5, is it imtoosexyforthisdomain.ejflavors.com? Or sexy.ejflavors.com? I really have no idea. I’m just rambling. So what is it?

  3. NarniaLore says:

    wow ej…im glad you’re safe and unharmed. do get the car checked out..it may not be you it could be something with the car…
    And ALIAS–we’ll have a conversation the next time i see you online…i think i can guess why you might have been a little disappointed with it..i think it might be the same reason why I didnt love the season premiere 100%
    like my new blog? 🙂

  4. It’s only by the grace of God that you walk away from these tyes of accidents. I’m glad you’re okay.
    But, that iPod of yours? You know it’s living on borrowed time. I give it 60 days.

  5. Fresh! says:

    Glad u are safe, bruh… Wishing u get those brakes back up to snuff…..and by all means…..take care of that ‘Pod! (heh)

  6. Jason T. says:

    Man oh man. I’m surprised they let you in planes, trains or automobiles with your mutant ability to disrupt electronics.
    Maybe you should get a horse and carriage and rock it Quaker style.
    Hmmm, horse & carriage. Now I gotta go find the Cam’ron joint.

  7. Todd Kelley says:

    D@mn, man!!! Take the bus!!!

  8. honey says:

    Glad you’re ok EJ. I didn’t make the final BoB cut either but I’m glad they gave you the recognition, well deserved. Drinks on me if we’re ever in the same area code…uhhh err, I’ll drive though 😉

  9. Boy Crasher’s doctor reports in from surgery:
    Front calipers, rotors, pads.. kinda as I suspected.
    Replace the ENTIRE rear axle… unexpected… but in retrospect, um yeah.. forgot this needed to be done from the LAST brake outage . . .
    Slams head back into desk and cries some more
    $ $ $ $ $ $ $

  10. thad says:

    Well that is scary enough for the week, so I think u might want to cut down on frightening traffic events.
    Glad to know that you are safe!

  11. lis says:

    daaaaaaaaaag… that is scary about the brakes. i am glad you are ok (how dangerous). we are dealing with $2100. work of head gasket repairs (grrrrrrrrrrrrr). i hate cars! but we do need’um 🙁

  12. Angel says:

    Well, if you stop posting here you had better let me know where you are posting. I am so far behind and beyond left behind, that I have no clue about half of what you wrote about this time! You need to send me a URL so I can be even more confused. LOL
    Also, I am doing that pic thingie, so now you can get me back for asking for a pic of your boxers. 😛

  13. I just want to know how you made it through that light at the end of the exit ramp and the other two on the way to the DIC!? The traffic light gods must have been on your side [or that make believe traffic light override button we all press actually worked this time]!

  14. METALFACE says:

    That mentio in BOB is a good look. man.

  15. KB says:

    As long as you’re OK, King Sadim (that’s Midas backwards). We need to put a surge suppressor on you…
    Thanks for playing!

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