b12: come around

Darien Brockington (from Foreign Exchange) with EJ.
Baker’s Dozen: Come Around! From KB’s Bakers Dozen.
Let’s start with the highlight of the weekend, first.
1. I got an email from the rekkasto telling me to show up at 3pm to meet no other than…..
2. Darien Brockington. You know about Foreign Exchange, right? We’ve only been mentioning it as one of the best CDs this year. If so, then you know that a primary vocalist, Darien, on five of the tracks has laced the CD with his presence.
3. Darien was at the rekkasto as a live-in store guest and sung 4 tracks from his upcoming CD.
4. Both of us start grinning from ear to ear when he says, “Nicolay is producing the album,” he says, “so you know it’s going to be tight, right?”
5. “How’d you guys meet?” I ask. Long story short: Phonte from Little Brother casually mentioned that he had some tracks from Nicolay that needed vocals. Five songs, 12 months, and countless concerts later, Darien has a record label deal, a shrewd manager (pound, pound, Monty), is getting ready to drop a CD. Release date? May.
6. “Can a brotha get some of those tracks, an EP, somethin’?!” I asked. (The jury is still out). Two of the tracks he sung, Call Me and Come Around are on his website, so check them out.
…and as for me, well….

7. The rest of my MLK weekend was uneventful, except for a desktop assasination attempt. Laptop killer has now turned to desktop killer. Desktop at work decides it wants to give me the blue screen of death and reboot itself continuously.
8. As if that weren’t enough, I can also be known as the headlight killer. The headlight goes out on me requiring another bulb.
9. …which would be all well and good if I (and the service attendants) were able to remove the old and replace it with the new one. Yes, my powers are known in the automotive sector too.
10. Dinner with cool people is always nice, but missing a couple of others always seems to be the downside. Let’s hope we can get it right next time.
11. Of course having the dinner has managed to deter two 101/1001s, but next month promises to put this weekend to shame, trust me. New Orleans, I’m on my way.
12. And last, but not least, am I wrong for liking the new Battlestar Galactica?

7 comments on “b12: come around

  1. Jason T. says:

    Jealousy and Envy Reign

  2. Todd Kelley says:

    Sweet bejesus… sons of basards…

  3. KB says:

    Can’t wait for that Damien album. Thanks for playing!

  4. lis says:

    You are always in the middle of something ain’t ya EJ 😉

  5. Rod says:

    Once again EJ has the scoop. Not familiar with Darien or Foreign Exchange, but I am listening to them right now. Thanks!

  6. battlestar cracks! i love it. yo, dude sounds nice. i’ma have to cop that when it drops.

  7. Hey EJ! Thanks again for taking such good care of me at the DIC! My home away from home!

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