101 in 1001

Happy New Year, my people! Already the new year has started and I’ve gotten
behind on a few things, like my top
25 songs of 2004, like Honey did
. It’s alright though. All good things come
in time. Christmas in of itself was great. With a total of 12 new CDs, some
very cool gifts, and an iPod I’m in absolute heaven. I’m sliding towards the
world that is Apple, and for once, I’m gonna let it take me over.

I’ll start of this year by letting you know that I have a couple of outlets
that I use to express myself. If you want to know the real me and hear my voice,
email your phone number to eflavors01 [at] sprintpcs dot com
and I’ll be sure to call you back. [Note- this paragraph will dissapear in exactly
1 week.]

Speaking of taking over, while I don’t have a New Year’s resolutions list, I’ve
finally come up with my list of 101/1001. It took about 17 days for me to come
up with 101, so I’m psyched. Some might sound small, others unattainable, and
I’m sure some of them may even be strange, but what you see is what you get.
I’ll be updating this post on the regular, so check back from time to time.
(Blogliners will be automatically

As seen on triplux.com,
and Jason,
via Gwen,
and also done by Saga:

[last change – 01.04.05 – #15 – added skydiving to the mix.]

The 101/1001.

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.
The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording)
with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also
be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Start Date: 01.01.05
Deadline: 09.29.07
Tasks Completed: 0

  1. Attend SXSW.
  2. Set up website specifically about my workout regimen.
  3. Get up to 200 lbs.
  4. Get down to between 10 – 15% of body fat.
  5. Be able to do 100 crunches in a period of 5 minutes.
  6. Be able to leg press 8 plates (360 lbs of plates for each side) for 6 reps.
  7. Be able to bench press 225 lbs (2 plates on each sides) for 6 reps.
  8. Be able to do bicep curls with 70 lb. dumbbells for 6 reps.
  9. Drink no carbonated beverages for two months.
  10. Drink no alcohol for 3 months.
  11. Drink a quart of water consistently each day for a month.
  12. Ingest at least 126 grams of protein consistently for 3 months.
  13. Maintain weight of 200 lbs for 6 months.
  14. Visit Los Angeles.
  15. Visit New York and go skydiving.
  16. Visit San Francisco/Oakland.
  17. Visit Chicago.
  18. Visit London.
  19. Visit Canada.
  20. Visit Minneapolis.
  21. Visit Colorado.
  22. Visit Florida.
  23. Visit Philadelphia.
  24. Visit New Orleans.
  25. Visit Washington DC.
  26. Visit North Carolina.
  27. Visit Puerto Rico.
  28. Spend an afternoon on a beach.
  29. Visit South America.
  30. Go to Mardi Gras.
  31. Take a trip to the mountains.
  32. Take a trip to an aquarium.
  33. Go out on a date every weekend for a month.
  34. Attend Michelle and B’s Celebration.
  35. Attend one concert every month for 12 months.
  36. Go see one movie every month for 12 months.
  37. Learn turntablism.
  38. Be seen on television.
  39. Balance my checkbook.
  40. Reorganize my office.
  41. Save up 2 months of pay.
  42. Work in a hospice one weekend.
  43. Throw a party.
  44. Cook a complete dinner for two.
  45. Cook a complete breakfast for two.
  46. Be a DJ for an evening.
  47. Interview a recording artist.
  48. Reconnect with friends from college.
  49. Spend a session in a recording studio.
  50. Attend a weightlifting championship.
  51. Contact or talk to my stepbrother or stepsister.
  52. Visit my father’s gravesite.
  53. Get a massage.
  54. Read one book a month for 6 months.
  55. Be part of a spot on the radio.
  56. Take keyboard lessons.
  57. Spend a weekend with an ex.
  58. Go to a church 4 Sundays in a year.
  59. Purchase an Apple computer.
  60. Purchase a bookcase.
  61. Purchase furniture for holding CDs.
  62. Assemble all CDs in alphabetical order.
  63. Update family website.
  64. Help assemble a family reunion.
  65. Help administer website for local HIV work and counseling.
  66. Purchase glasses.
  67. Convert all vinyl to MP3s.
  68. Watch all LOTR movies.
  69. Go see three plays.
  70. Watch one DVD movie every week for three months.
  71. Brownbag my lunches for two weeks.
  72. Talk to 12 new bloggers in the period of one year.
  73. Post something non-music related once a week for two months.
  74. Clean up my walk-in closet.
  75. Revamp website.
  76. Consolidate my websites.
  77. Do an audioblog.
  78. Do a videoblog.
  79. Post 100 things about me.
  80. Cook a breakfast.
  81. Cook a dinner.
  82. Purchase 12 books.
  83. Read 12 books.
  84. Write a letter and mail it.
  85. Visit my hometown voluntarily.
  86. Create a budget for a month – and stick to it.
  87. Go to the dentist.
  88. Donate clothes to Salvation Army.
  89. Go to (or pay for a televised) boxing match.
  90. Become proficient in Adobe Photoshop.
  91. Raise my credit score up at least 100 points.
  92. Pay all my bills on time for a month.
  93. Revamp or unload my stock portfolio.
  94. Clear 3 unwanted automatic monthly charges off of my bank account.
  95. Go 24 hours without touching a computer.
  96. Go to a club and dance shirtless.
  97. Have a picture taken of myself shirtless…and post it!
  98. Measure for and purchase a new suit.
  99. Purchase new dress shoes.
  100. Cut my own hair consistently for a month.
  101. Go see a podiatrist.

23 comments on “101 in 1001

  1. Bernie says:

    23. The Penn Relays are in April.
    38. If you accomplish 15, there’s always the crowd outside the Today Show.
    53. Once you do, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.
    59. Once you do, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!
    84. People still do that?
    95. Never happen!
    What, no sky diving?

  2. James says:

    You have quite a bit to accomplish this year, young jedi!! Best wishes for a spectacular 2005.

  3. Jason T. says:

    I love that SXSW is on your list. I believe George, Monique, and I are about to launch a decent push to get minority bloggers and tech heads to the conference this year…if only to come and attend our cool panel and talk some shit.
    “Be Seen on Television” made me laugh out loud. I don’t even know why.

  4. You did it! Hooray! I’ll have to go back and check through the list when I get the time, but you did it!

  5. thad says:

    Happy New Year! It’s already two days in and I’m just now making the rounds.

  6. Michael says:

    Is one of those 12 books ‘Getting Things Done”? This list would be a perfect thing to work into GTD. You’ve reminded me that I’ve got to get to work on SXSW my damn self.
    Maybe I’ll do one of these lists too. How are you gonna notigy blogliners of the updates to this post? Something other than making a new post saying “I’ve updated my 101 things” or is there some (other) feature of Bloglines that i don’t knwo about?

  7. raven says:

    You duplicated 36 and 69…but good list EJ. Happy New Year!
    You have a sharp eye, raven. I corrected it! Happy New Year to you too.

  8. EJ Flavors says:

    Michael, I’m thinking that if I change the date of the 101/1001 post, and the excerpt, Bloglines should take care of it automatically.
    Of course, the easiest solution is just to place a link on the right hand side and update it for those who are curious. That way everyone gets notified.
    Ouch. Now my brain hurts. 😉

  9. Trent says:

    Happy New Year, bro!
    Good luck on your “101/1001” list.

  10. malik says:

    DAMMIT! Y’all are making me look bad. I’m still struggling to get 51 in 501. (I’m really not good with that long-term thing.) GRRRRRRRRRRRR …

  11. happy new year! (from that other guy that loves you!!!)

  12. 100 in 1001

    Everybody’s doing it, so I can and will, too. There are at least 100 things that I need to do in order to enrich my life, and trying to sqeeze them into one year is a plan for failure. 1001…

  13. malik says:

    BTW, when you’re ready for #97, call me. 😉

  14. boy if i see ur top half nekkid in the club it’s gonna be on!!! (jealous cuz i need to get this keg into a 6pack before i can even think of taking the shirt off in public!! dammit man, damn u all!!, pretty mofos!!)

  15. groovebunny says:

    Wow that’s quite a list! Happy 2005 to you ej! 🙂

  16. Bernard says:

    Happy New Year!!! Uhhh.. when was the last time you purchased new dress shoes? Do I feel a shopping bonanza coming on? Not like last time we hit the shoe store… I’m making sure my purchases are in-state now. Why didn’t see “skydive again” on that list???

  17. saga says:

    #57 – you are one brave soul (oh dayum, maybe that’s just my exes…)
    #67 – I promise to come and bring you hot meals & water…this alone will probably take about 10.1 days straight without you leaving the house…lol
    #27 – take me with you!!!

  18. EJ Flavors says:

    Bernie and Bernard….okay, alright! Modified #15.

  19. sandra says:

    sky dive in NYC –isn’t that dangerous? Nice list though–I really should do make a list and stick to it!

  20. Cheryl says:

    I REALLY like your page! I was immediately drawn to the peaceful moon pic. Have a Happy New Year, and I came by way of Lis’ page.

  21. Hashim says:

    You should list your goals on 43things.com. Some reason why:
    1. You’ll be able to connect with people doing the same goals, and people who have done these goals will be able to help you.
    2. 43things has a cool feature that lets’s you post from their site straight into your MT installation! So if you set up another blog for your goals you can post updates in both places without a second thought
    3. There’s rss feeds for each goal you create, allowing friends to keep up with something specific you are doing.
    4. It’s a cool site and the newest toy for web geeks.

  22. malik says:

    So … how goes it? (And let me know what you want me to do to get your help with my #24.)

  23. 101/1001…On The Bandwagon

    Damn you people and your goals…making me look bad and all slacker like…I guess I need to stop sitting around on the sidelines watching and join in. This is the type of stuff that makes ya a better person and stuff right? Posting this with the actua…

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