tuning into the TK vibe

There’s a lot of things going on in the world musically, and having a very
busy week can be time consuming, we all know. Because I’ve had to balance a
lot of things, I’ve had to forego the Friday Melodies this week. I’m sure that
anyone can understand that mixing mellow songs with U2, Gwen Stefani, Julie Dexter, REM, and
Snoop Dogg isn’t a very easy endeavour.

There is, however, something I’ve been pretty proud of that I’ve been able to
help with this week. There was one particular blogger that was mentioned a while
. As I started reading his blog….which, by the way was all done by hand, I contacted him and let him know that what
he was doing was a great thing. It got even better.

My friends, he discovered Radio Blogging, had a great sense of humor, and kept
me laughing continuously through the day. Who am I talking about? Why, Todd
of course.

He introduced me to Goblox, The Strange Fruit Project, and he even did his Top
25 CDs of all time. He even challenged me to come up with the top 10 CDs of
the year (and yeah, it’s coming- watch for it). My contribution? I edged him to the realm of Movable Type. Yes, he
has crossed over to blog publishing. You can leave comments, trackbacks,
and even blogroll/blogline him: [xml feed]
[xml feed with comments]

So my friends, check him out- he has his melodies all on the right hand side,
and opinions and humor all around…..

…and tell him EJ sent you.

7 comments on “tuning into the TK vibe

  1. lis says:

    awww – das nice ej. you hippin err body up to mt 😉 omw to da joint…

  2. Thanks EJ, I will check out TK cus you have turned me on to so much good music in the past couple of years! And don’t worry bout no Friday Melodies this week, its been a rough one for all of us. Besides, I’m behind on my OSW! Funny, I went to Jam & Lewis’ site just last nite! AND I just recently ripped Mary Davis’ solo set to the main computer. Uh huh! You know how to reach me…

  3. honey says:

    If anybody can mix those together, you can EJ. I’m a loyal listener so I’ll be back when you are. I agree with you on the ToddKelley site, it’s dope!

  4. b. says:

    man i seriously appreciate the vibe on here..you seem so mellow and zen-like….it’s almost like blog therapy lol
    i’m always looking to get exposed to newness so I will check out your friend for sure.
    have a good weekend!
    blue 🙂

  5. James says:

    Hey there…I stopped through Todd’s site and it is really cool. I will definitely stop by again. Thanks for sharing. Oh yeah, how come you did not mention the new Julie Dexter album when I was standing outside Dusty Groove!!!

  6. KB says:

    I’m glad to see Todd finally got on the MT tip. It makes it much easier to keep up with him. God, he’s such a great SP (sound provider).
    I’m telling you E, we gotta start trademarking our blogging vernacular. It’s catching on! From OSW to Friday Melodies to SP. We can doo eet!

  7. Ariya says:

    Hey, EJ, was taking a break from the i-net world, but I just stopped into say hi. Yeah, I agree with The LoveHater @ the good tunes you introduce everyone too. Take care of yourself, EJ.

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