OSW: The SOS Band

Todd asked for it.
Fresh! dropped
a surprise track on me a little while ago.
Me? Well, I live in their hometown. Who am I talking about? The S.O.S.

School Wednesday: The S.O.S. Band.

01 – Take Your Time Do It Right
02 – SOS Theme Song
03 – High Hopes
04 – Tell Me If You Still Care
05 – Just Be Good To Me
06 – For Your Love
07 – No One’s Gonna Love You
08 – Weekend Girl
09 – Just The Way You Like It
10 – Break Up
11 – Even When You Sleep
12 – Sands Of Time
13 – The Finest
14 – Nothing But The Best

Each album is well represented here, except for Too
(which I haven’t picked up yet), Diamonds
In The Raw
(which has come up missing), and One
Of Many Nights
, which is technically not old school, much to my chagrin.
Seeing as I have every album except Too, I feel like this is
not as comprehensive as it could have been, but there’s enough representation
here. While the majority of this playlist was produced by Jam
and Lewis
(specifically tracks 4-14), the band, both in the recording studio
and live on stage, has mostly been overlooked. There’s something to be said
about live horns and percussion- it keeps the realness intact. I also could have talked more about the first two (which had no production by Jam and Lewis) and the final two (which also had no Jam and Lewis production and was without Mary Davis). For more info, check here.

My fondest memories of the SOS Band had to be when I was in high school and
tracks like Tell Me If You Still Care, No One’s Gonna
Love You
, and Weekend Girl were constantly being played
during makeout sessions, prom, and during Quiet Storm. It didn’t help that I
was a percussionist in high school. That’s probably why I had so many cuts and
scrapes on furniture, and tables, and floors….

Enjoy it. Share your vibe.

Most SOS Band tracks are available here.

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  1. lis says:

    You took me back again EJ. We had a lil ‘club’ for kiddies in my high school daze called ‘eruptions’. Track 01 was the jam. My favorite SOS cut though is definitely ‘Tell Me If You Still Care’. That still does sumpin’ to a sista 😉 Nice selection!

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