OSW: mid-to-uptempo

I almost didn’t have a theme this week, as I was trying to decide whether this mix this week was to be either slow grooves or mid-to-uptempo. After an informal poll, mid-to-uptempo won by a landslide. So, without further ado:
Old School Wednesday: Mid-to-uptempo grooves.
We were starting off on both sides of the Atlantic…
01 – Soul II Soul – Keep On Movin’
02 – Aaliyah – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.
03 – Vesta Williams – Don’t Blow A Good Thing
04 – Swing Out Sister – Notgonnachange
..but then some Minneapolis came into play yet again….
05 – Mint Condition – Try My Love
06 – Sheila E – The Glamorous Life – Extended Version.
07 – The Family – High Fashion.
….and then some inspiration from Timi came through…
08 – Steely Dan – Do It Again.
…and then I got onto the 80’s/early 90’s vibe, with no particular groove in mind.
09 – Dazz Band – Joystick
10 – Cameo – Single Life
11 – Juliet Roberts – Tell Me
12 – EX Girlfriend – Why Don’t You Come Home
13 – Guy – I Like
14 – Tom Browne – Funkin’ For Jamaica
15 – Brick – Dazz

Coming up on Friday – The ones who didn’t make my top CDs of 2004, and the reasons why…followed up next week with the top CDs. Hang tight, it’s comin’.

12 comments on “OSW: mid-to-uptempo

  1. honey says:

    Whew, that Sheila E. is funky. I remember when I used to pretend I was her…drummin’ and singing that song in front of the mirror, LOL. Good combination EJ!

  2. Fresh! says:

    OSW is bangin’ as usual…. MC and The Family? Good lookin’ out…Ali Shaheed was spinnin’ “Screams of Passion” at the MC DVD recording….keep it up bruh…(…”that’s my DJ”)

  3. lis says:

    LOL@honey ~ ME TOO! Daaaaaaaag@Cameo! EJ you’ve done it again.

  4. KB says:

    The thing that makes an OSW bangin is when you go, “Aw man. I haven’t heard that in a good minute!” From the Aaliyah joint through Brick you were on point. You know how we do with the Swing Out Sister. I’ll repeat, “on point.”
    Dag Timi… bringing back the Steely Dan without warning a brotha? I can see the black circle spinning this track. Man, memories. It was the first one on side one. Man, you went back (jack)…

  5. EJ Flavors says:

    Honey, you gotta know that I played drums in high school and had the HUGEST crush on Sheila E. I damn near made my wrists sore from playing it all the tiime. Did the same thing last night….and that’s why High Fashion gets such high praises as well.
    Lis, I do believe there’s lots of Cameo coming down the pipeline, trust me. You may need to send the kids in the other room to hear next week’s OSW… just so you know!
    KB, if it wasn’t for IGY having issues this week, I would have put that on, but, hey, don’t worry. I think we gotta plan….

  6. Carla says:

    WOW Mr. DJ! Wonderful selections. This is the first time that I’ve known each song you’ve presented.
    I’m getting my groove on at this very moment.

  7. intellifreak says:

    I live for your Old School Wednesday’s. Now all I need is Chi Chiz in NYC, some hot wings, a beer, and men all around me. Damn I’m jonesing to be back home. Someone create this virtual atmosphere for me!

  8. Rod says:

    I’m starting to look forward to your OSW’s. They certainly take me back, which as Martha Stewart sez, is a good thing.
    I loved Stokely and Mint Condition. “Pretty Brown Eyes” was so lush, and full, the singing reminded me of a 60s doo-wop group.
    And you know how I feel about dance music. Miss Juliet Roberts will always be one of my faves. Where is she now when we need her?

  9. Todd Kelley says:

    Do… do-do… do-do-do…. I’m your joooooystick!!!

  10. It’s all about me waking up on a speaker in Shelter NYC at 3:00 in the morning to Juliet Roberts. Good times.
    My right testicle for a mint copy of Vesta’s first CD. Just kidding. I like having two testices. Still, it would be lovely.

  11. gwen says:

    i liiiiike.
    damn ej.

  12. Lissa says:

    That Soul II Soul threw me for a loop right at the opening… my mother used to play the hell out of that song, and I didn’t even remember it until now. And my father was all about some Sheila E. Wow… childhood days of good music brought right back…
    Sheer awesomeness, EJ. You win.

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