b12: the number twelve

Baker’s Dozen: The 12th month, 12 thoughts, 12 Oceans. From KB’s Bakers Dozen.
1. I tried coming up with a 101/1001 list and stopped at 48 (4×12). I couldn’t think of an additional 53. Still…struggling.
2. …and now it’s even worse, because 2 of the 48 I had planned on seems to have taken care of themselves. I guess going to the gym IS a good thing, but dag! DJ Swole is back again….
3 …in the worst way…my pants? They don’t fit no more. Had to go shopping, and those pants themselves are still too tight. Waist size according to my trainer? 36. (3×12). Damn. Wardrobe malfunction this time of year. Hate it.
4. At least I got to work out with my IFP. Who says I need an iPod? (Still want one though! Hint hint!)
5. Finally figured out my top CDs of the year. YES! Now if I could just find time to blog about it appropriately….
6. Since there wasn’t much to do this weekend, decided I’d take some pictures just to pass the time. Flickr anyone?
7. This weekend I got to be on a call with Honey For Oshun. I’ll wait for him to tell you what he’s been up to.
8. Saw Oceans 12. Great movie. About time I got out of the house and did something interesting. I think I’m going to go see it again.
9. Note to Datura Records – Got the CD and I’m absolutely feeling Deep Thinkers. Looks like I’ll be posting about that….
10. The Wire – compared to the previous episode, it wasn’t as biting, but was a good way for closure – both expected (Avon in jail) and unexpected (Bubble’s friend dying). Very very good. I envision a fourth season.
11. That darn Lis. She made me spill my testosterone by giving me Fantasia’s album. And I actually like it. That’s it! I’m comin’ back hard! Out with the sweet songs, in with the hip hop/boom bap invasion!
12. I actually finished all most of my shopping for Christmas. I wonder if CP time is still allowed this time of year…..

7 comments on “b12: the number twelve

  1. HEY! Everyone NEEDS an iPod, buddy!

  2. malik says:

    We’ll take the 36 waist over the 24 any day. Glad to see you bustin’ out all over. LOL!!!

  3. Todd Kelley says:

    Post the list!!! Post the list!!! Post the list!!! Post the list!!! Post the list!!! Post the list!!! Post the list!!! Post the list!!! Post the list!!! Post the list!!!

  4. Bernard says:

    36 waist? I’ve got two words “drawstring” and “elastic” nuff said… hahahaha. I MUST have a copy of the sleeping pic with you and Anna… priceless.

  5. lis says:

    ipod’s rock! and there ain’t nuttin’ wrong w/diggin on ole fantasia! i’m looking fwd to osw!!!!

  6. KB says:

    CP time is allowed for gifts coming my way! No comment about the lack of iPod goodness.
    Thanks for playing!

  7. Carla says:

    ahhhh, you don’t really need an iPod do you? Don’t succumb to that craze. They’ll be $99 by March. LOL Of course I have no basis of predicting that price.
    Enjoy your Holiday!

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