b12: operation feed me

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Baker’s Dozen: Operation: Feed Me! From KB’s Bakers Dozen.
1. Starting on my new workout plan, I’ve conditioned myself to eat 6 times a day. In fact, I think it’s time to get more food.
2. Hello, my name is EJ. I can do radio blogs quicker than I can make CDs for The Burn It- Fall Edition. If you’re reading this, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming….as soon as I get through eating.
3. Remember that code number 15? Well, try almost tripling it! The new number is 44!!!! Yes! I think this calls for more food!
4. Don’t try to get me to go out on a Friday night…not until after I’ve watched Enterprise, Third Watch, and Medical Investigation. Oh, and after you’ve fed me dinner too….
5. I actually had a brunch with Prime and I didn’t groan and moan (much). It’s hard to be grumpy when people are feeding you. I’m just sayin’.
6. You too can be on call the entire weekend. Luckily no one called! Work (and life) is good! More cake for everybody!
7. I actually went to the record store and only bought one CD. I felt somewhat empty. Must eat to fill out the emptiness.
8. And so I got to Javaology early to meet up with the Atlanta Black Bloggers and had myself a great time, eating a sandwich before people started coming in. Saga rules, in case you didn’t know…..
9. ….but Dave, the organizer of the first event, didn’t show up. Dave! No food for you!
10. The Wire didn’t come on like it was supposed to, so instead I got another snack and…
11. Then got an IM from Fresh as I was eating….and what did he make me do? Turn to Get Down Tonight – Disco Explosion! That lit up my entire night! I set the TiVo for next week just so I can see it in it’s entirety.
12. Apparently, I was so sleepy after eating all that food I missed Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Someone must have put…you guessed it….tryptophan in my food…..

6 comments on “b12: operation feed me

  1. KB says:

    Dag, I totally forgot to write about that PBS special! How hot was that? I just wish they’d stop showing the crowd. The old biddies were crackin me up too much, trying to recapture their boogie nights.
    Thanks for playing! (and eat healthy)

  2. Queen Sexy says:

    I’m so happy that number is up. We should celebrate…and get more food!

  3. lis says:

    i sure hate i missed that special. i couldn’t find it in the line up until late last night and it was slated to come on at 2 a.m… what the heck?! you betta stop all that munchin man!

  4. DebWire says:

    Oh ej, 44 is much better! {{{{happy dance}}}}
    And what PBS special was that? Something about disco? I was just on the PBS site a few days ago and never saw a listing for that show. (Note to self: as a former disco queen, must look it up now and see if/when it will come on again and in my area).
    *Update: it aired last night in my area but I was bed-ridden with the flu. It comes on again 12/12 – so I’ve set up an email reminder to remind me. 🙂

  5. Bernard says:

    Hahahahah… I wasn’t the only one up late watching “Get Down Tonight-Disco Explosion”… The Wire season 1 is on DVD now and season 2 comes out in January 2005. You know it’s already on my wish list….

  6. Steph says:

    Congrats on that 44! Awesome!!

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