OSW: Make my funk the P-Funk

KB has spoken. It’s time, my friends, for his Parliament-iary procedure.
OSW: Make my funk the P-Funk..
Check out the dialogue…..

1. Parliament – P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)
KB: Well g’evenin, do not attempt to adjust your radio blog. There is nothing wrong. I have taken control as to bring you this
special show…
EJ: What’s a brother to do?
2. Parliament – Testify
KB: Did they ever put out a bad song. Even when they were serious and not spaced out it was good funk music.
EJ: Wonder who remembers this cut?
3. Parliament – Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Of The Sucker)
KB: You know since I saw Undercover Brother I gotta laugh anytime I hear this song.
EJ: I avoided Undercover Brother. Guess I’ll be pulling that out this weekend.
4. Parliament – Mothership Connection (Star Child)
KB: KNOW YOUR SAMPLES! Dre killed this on “Let Me Ride”
EJ: Compton’s well represented up in this spot.
5. Parliament – Funkentelechy
KB: Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome was the first Parliament album I ever bought. I loved Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk…
EJ: Sir Nose? Sir NOSE?
6. Parliament – Chocolate City
KB: Dave Chappelle has a joke about how DC isn’t like Chocolate City anymore.
EJ: I remember the joke but not the song…
7. Parliament – Do That Stuff
KB: I’m gonna make it real funky for you. I miss Nice & Smooth with their silly lyrics.
EJ: I miss Nice and Smooth period. What happened to them?
8. Funkadelic – (Not Just) Knee Deep
KB: This is the one that turned me on to the P-Funk phenomenon…
EJ: I’ll be playing this over and over again, trust me.
9. Parliament – The Big Bang Theory
KB: Is there any P-Funk song that was not sampled? Redman, Ice Cube, and Dre used this one. It sounds almost like a Kashif song.
EJ: All the time. Let me ride….
10. Parliament – Up For The Down Stroke
He said: This was one of their nasty songs… I like it…
EJ: Nasty?!?!?!?
11. Parliament – Bop Gun (Endangered Species)
KB: Where’d you get that gun from?
EJ: You’re takin’ me way back. man…..
12. Parliament – All Your Goodies Are Gone
KB: Speed this one up and you get a Salt n Pepa song.
EJ: Haven’t heard this one. How u drop the beat on me like this, I’ll never know…
13. Parliament – Agony Of Defeet
KB: My son loves this song
EJ: I don’t remember this one either. Man, I feel lame.
14. Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove [Lesley’s request]
15. Funkadelic – Atomic Dog (Extended Version)
16. Parliament – Flash Light
KB: The penultimate P-Funk classic…
EJ: I was in 8th grade when this song came out. I remember this one really well. I sould get the polyester out. On second thought, maybe not…..

9 comments on “OSW: Make my funk the P-Funk

  1. Michael says:

    Niiiiice, real nice. I’ma burn up your bandwidth today! 🙂

  2. Old School Wednesday: The P-Funk Era

    We interrupt this blog hiatus for some musical treasures. Link over here to make your funk the P-Funk. Click in the extended entry for the track listing… Session Start (KB:EJ “The DJ” Flavors): Tue Nov 09 11:10:41 2004 [11:10] EJ:…

  3. thad says:

    Great selection, EJ!

  4. Lesley says:

    How could you leave out One Nation Under a Groove? The other selections are bangin’ though.

  5. KB says:

    Somebody tell Lesley I’ve updated the arby to include two more Funkadelic tunes including “One Nation.” I was trying to keep it in the 70s and strictly Parliament but I guess I broke that when I added “Knee Deep.” Oh vell… ENJOY!

  6. lis says:

    !!!!knee deep!!!!

  7. Fresh says:

    “Hit me in the proton…..BABY!” E… this is phat!! Good lookin’ out!
    Let me hit u with the genre segue:
    S. African Deep House: http://deeper.co.za/index.html
    Phat mixes in Real and .mp3 format. Look like it’s time to continue fillin’ up the ‘Pod.

  8. lashundra says:

    great old skool music can you burn me a cd of these tracks?

  9. Angel says:

    I am such a fan! I still have records of them. 🙂

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