OSW: Loose Ends

Great minds think alike. Sometimes it’s even scary. This OSW was almost a given, considering that Trader Mike and I shared the same vibe. Check it:
Old School Wednesday: Loose Ends- The Collaboration..
01 – Hanging On A String (Contemplating)*
02 – Nights of Pleasure**
03 – Ooh, You Make Me Feel**
04 – Watching You***
05 – Don’t You Ever (Try To Change Me)****
06 – Easier Said Than Done***
07 – Slow Down**
08 – Time Is Ticking****
09 – Dial 999*
10 – A Little Spice*
11 – You Can’t Stop The Rain**
12 – Sweetest Pain**
13 – Stay A Litte While, Child (Remix)**
14 – Remote Control***
15 – Cheap Talk****
16 – The Real Chuckeeboo (Tomorrow, Mr. Bachelor, You’ve Just Gotta Have It All)***
17 – Tell Me What You Want*
18 – I Don’t Need To Love****
19 – Don’t Be A Fool****
* From A Little Spice
** From Zagora
*** From The Real Chuckeeboo
**** From Look How Long
If I tried to enter an all-encompassing playlist (which would be around 30 songs- including remixes), my thoughts about every song listed here, every album (which I do own), and comments about each of the group members, background vocalists, producers, and remixers, it would be like reading a small book. I’m a major fan, for sure. I’m not the only one. Check out how the collaboration with the one and only Trader Mike came about…

[21:04] ejflavors: AYT?
[21:05] mseneadza: yeah
[21:06] ejflavors: putting together my OSW, so i’m thinkin you might have a little input
[21:06] ejflavors: all Loose Ends.
[21:06] mseneadza: All Loose Ends, all the time!
[21:06] mseneadza: oh damn
[21:06] mseneadza: that’s scary
[21:06] ejflavors: LMAO!
[21:06] ejflavors: that was really scary!
[21:06] mseneadza: you’ll have to post this
[21:07] ejflavors: you know i will.
[21:07] mseneadza: gotta have Mr. Bachelor
[21:07] ejflavors: got that….the standards (Hangin’ On A String, Slow Down, Watching You)
[21:08] mseneadza: be sure to include the timestamps.. we set those 3 seconds apart
[21:08] mseneadza: you’ve got it under control
[21:09] ejflavors: oh cool. will do….any of your “lesser known” faves you want in the mix?
[21:09] mseneadza: You Can’t Stop the Rain, Sweetest Pain
[21:09] mseneadza: Ooh, You Make Me Feel
[21:09] mseneadza: Stay a Little While
[21:09] ejflavors: ooh…..scary…got all 3 of them in the mix.
[21:10] ejflavors: yep, got that too.
[21:10] ejflavors: Nights of Pleasure
[21:10] mseneadza: Like I said.. you’got it covered
[21:10] mseneadza: right, true!
[21:10] mseneadza: Time Is Ticking
[21:11] mseneadza: Don’t You Ever (Try To Change Me)
[21:11] ejflavors: You like that huh?
[21:11] ejflavors: LOL!
[21:11] mseneadza: yep
[21:11] ejflavors: Cheap Talk?
[21:11] mseneadza: yep
[21:11] mseneadza: this is my shit – I Don’t Need to Love
[21:12] ejflavors: woah! okay….
[21:12] mseneadza: I hated on that CD for so long when I first got it b/c Jane wasn’t on it. I felt bamboozled. Listened to it again months later & was like ‘damn, this shit is good”
[21:12] mseneadza: why the “woah”?
[21:12] mseneadza: lol
[21:12] ejflavors: yeah, that’s what i was thinking too.
[21:13] ejflavors: yeah, cause that was the same way i was thinking. when i got over her not being on it, i was cool.
[21:13] mseneadza: ah
[21:13] mseneadza: aiight, you’re scaring me…
Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

12 comments on “OSW: Loose Ends

  1. Well, this was an easy list for you! Myabe I should do an All Kate Bush entry (lol @ horrified look on bloggers).

  2. Michael says:

    One of us has some serious psychic powers. THis is right on time as this thunderstorm (In November???) just knocked out my satellite TV. Now I can listen to my favorite group instead of the drones on CNBC.
    And Happy Thanksgiving…

  3. Loose Ends’ Greatest Hits Radio.Blog

    EJ brings the heat with today’s Old School Wednesday Radio Blog featuring my all-time favorite group, Loose Ends. They don’t make ’em like that any more!…

  4. lis says:

    this selection of cutz is right on time! perfect way to end the work week and welcome the long weekend which I pray will be as chill as these loose end cutz!
    happy thanksgiving ej!

  5. honey says:

    I haven’t heard some of these cuts since I was in school back in 19..mumble mumble, LOL. You’ve done it again EJ the DJ. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Happy Holidays!

  6. ASB says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  7. Carla says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. KB says:

    “Don’t You Ever” is like the stealth bomb classic with the Slick Rick sample. Unfortunately I can’t hear “You Can’t Stop The Rain” without thinking about Shaquille O’Neal’s rap song. Hey, at least it had Biggie on it.
    Happy Thanksgiving, brah!

  9. nastybastard says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, EJ.

  10. Berry says:

    Yes! I had this on cassette tape! Yeah, I said cassette tape! I played that sucka’ out too! Perfect listening for a stress free Friday 🙂

  11. Angel says:

    Wow! I love the selection you have going on this week. 🙂

  12. fredamae says:

    Hey ej!
    This group is one of my all time favorites! It’s unfortunate that when I click on the link, the radio blog comes up, but no music is in the box. If you can help, That would be great!

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