laptop killer iii

The title alone should tell you what this is about, right? Right… Wanna hear it? Here it go:
17:35: I return home and in my mail, there’s two CDs (Matt Bianco and Dynasty, for all the old-school-heads reading this), an 80 GB hard drive, and a cooling fan for Hermes. I run upstairs. The 80GB drive was to replace the 40GB drive I have in Hermes, since all of my music, blog info, and software was filling up my hard drive. The backup was done on Sunday just in case something went wrong, but my friend was kind enough to tell me about this hard drive recovery service as well, so at least I had another option in case the backup doesn’t work.
18:00: I unpack the cooling fan to sit underneath Hermes so that it doesn’t overheat. All is well.
19:00: I rip the old CDs and I start preplanning my Friday arby.
20:00: I eat dinner and fall asleep while watching Smallville, and have half of the selections for Friday’s melodies complete.
00:00: I wake up- amazed that I slept so long and putz around, watching television, and fall asleep a couple of hours later, since I had to get up around 05:00 for work. I notice that the laptop and the fan makes a good amount of noise together, but no big deal. Must be the fan.

This morning:
05:25: Anna wakes up, alerts me that she needs to eat, and I feed her, she does her morning constitution, and goes back to sleep behind me. I start reading blogs and watching the news.
05:25: The laptop light starts blinking. I think nothing of it – maybe it’s just a power issue, so I wait for the blinking to end, all the while catching up on reading. The last one viewed? Erica in her outfit*. I chuckle, leave my comment, and move on.
05:30: The laptop keeps blinking, and I smell a strange burning odor and hear a loud pop. Laptop goes out and cannot be powered on again. Anna looks up from her pillow with a dazed look.
05:45: I wake up Mike and let him know that the laptop is dead, that I need Osiris, and I’m ready to pack up Hermes.
And that’s where I’m typing from. Good old Osiris.
Luckily most of my music has been backed up, and is sitting on an external drive, along with everything that was on Hermes. Due to the strange order of events, however (and the travelling I have to do this weekend for a funeral in my hometown), Friday Melodies XXI may have to take a backseat because of this wonderful debacle.
You may start your heckling now.
* Of course, I could always say that it’s Erica’s picture that got my laptop all revved up….

9 comments on “laptop killer iii

  1. The other stuff:
    EJ wakes me up, I smell burned electronics, Anna is looking dazed (seriously, she was like WTF?!?, and the room is strangly quiet without the sound of Hermes’ fans kickin up a storm as they usually do.
    Fast foward: I call HP for EJ, and get “Matt” in India who took three tries at butchering English to insist that someone must have spilled something into the laptop to make it do that. After demanding to be transferred to someone who speaks English in a manner that I can understand, he succumbs and opens a repair order. Hermes will be on its way – – again – – tomorrow.

  2. Erica says:

    No! Dead laptops make the baby Jesus cry. But hey, if I got it, I got it. ;P

  3. al says:

    funny, i see no mention of the mounds of gigabytes of pornographic images stored on said laptop. you don’t think that maybe…nah, couldn’t be…could it?? lol.

  4. KB says:

    It’s really simple: STAY AWAY FROM LAPTOPS.
    I mean, really…

  5. karsh says:

    See…you should’ve gave it on over to me before it went up in smoke. Southern fried laptop. Servin’ it up!

  6. lis says:

    Man, I really feel that stress. As much as I love compruters, when the are down, I hate’um just that much!
    lol@al – sicko!

  7. Bernard says:

    Why did I just picture you looking like Nancy Kerrigan on the ground screaming “why, why, why, why” as tears stream down your face? I didn’t picture you in the short, skating outfit… that would have sent me screaming from my office. You have a back up in place… that’s a good thing.

  8. See what happens when you read people’s blogs and fail to leave a comment!?

  9. Angel says:

    Dead computers, whether desktop or laptop, are not good things. I hate it when that shit happens!

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