horoscopic weirdness

I don’t quite get why it says:

You are 40% Cancer

…since it’s my astrological sign….but

You are 60% Capricorn

…makes sense because it’s my rising sign but….

You are 53% Scorpio

…is weird because it’s actually my moon sign, and you’d think it’d be higher,

You are 80% Taurus

…surprised the heck outta me because neither of my planets (nor the moon) is in Taurus. Woah.
And all this time, I thought I knew my chart. As you were. Nothing to see here.

all Chase’s fault!

5 thoughts on “horoscopic weirdness

  1. Never doubt my water sign!!

    As if!! How dare anyone question me again.. LOL You are 87% Cancer How much do you match your zodiac…

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