friday melodies xx: working o.t. (rap/hip hop)

You too can work at 16 hour day, miss The Apprentice, and still manage to do
a Had to keep myself energized, too, so I got a little help…

Friday Melodies XX – Working OT: Rap and Hip Hop.

We’re doing all hip hop/rap inflected music today, because my homey Godizus*
was able to drop quite a few of these tunes to me while I was setting up for the
long evening ahead. He’s got wisdom and a magic touch. Check it.

1 Alchemist with Prodigy, Nina Sky, and Illa Gee Hold You Down
2 Eminem Like Toy Soldiers
3 Immortal Technique Freedom Of Speech
4 Terror Squad Take Me Home
5 Mobb Deep Got It Twisted
6 Little Brother Nobody But You
7 Foreign Exchange All That You Are
8 Nas featuring Olu Dara Bridging The Gap
9 Mos Def Grown Men Business
10 Talib Kweli Around My Way
11 Patricia Marx Diz
12 Roy Davis, Jr. Slow It Down (for the Steppers)
13 Kanye West The New Workout Plan
14 Zap Mama featuring Bahamadia and Lady Alma Show Me the Way

Please note that the first half contain NC-17 (read: adult) tracks. Those wanting
hip hop on the mostly mellow tip will be pleased the second half, which features
Talib Kwele’s Around
My Way
, Roy Davis, Jr’s Slow
It Down (For the Steppers)
, Nas’ Bridging
The Gap
, Brazilian singer Patricia Marx’s Diz
(featuring rap by Fabio Ruiz), and Zap Mama’s Show
Me The Way

There’s a little bit for everyone, so enjoy. Give Godizus his

*Godizus’ closing statement: "if the other tracks are
too raw for ’em, we can just put together a ‘happy rap’ alternative the next
go ’round."

5 comments on “friday melodies xx: working o.t. (rap/hip hop)

  1. Angel says:

    Damn fine collection you have here, EJ! I especially love it that you included “Life Toy Soldiers” … cause, you know I love me some Eminem. 🙂

  2. lis says:

    hip hop’n friday ~ i like dat. man you can go from one side of the univers to the other like no other! you da man! 😉

  3. prime time says:

    Friday Flash Back – the Hip Hop History Lesson

    Today’s flash back is dedicated to the beats, the rhymes, and the flow. Some of my favorite booty movin’ hip…

  4. honey says:

    Throw ya hands in the air and wave em like you just don’t care, LOL…great mix EJ!

  5. Berry says:

    I’m feeling it….

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