friday melodies xix

It’s been a long week.

Friday Melodies XIX – The
Original Way
, and now A
New Way
. I’m still working on the new way and it has it’s kinks, but it’s
pretty nifty. We have Ofrenda
to thank for this hookup.

1 D*Note Say What You Mean
2 Mojaji f/ Jag No Disguise
3 Lalah Hathaway Outrun the Sky
4 New Edition Newness
5 Koop Waltz For Koop
6 Loose Ends Love Controversy, Part I.
7 Caron Wheeler Enchanted
8 Davina Love’s Comin’ Down
9 Kenny Bobien Hiya Luv
10 Martin Luther Liquid Sunshine
11 D’Nell This Thing
12 Georg Levin (I Got) Somebody New
13 Enzo Cicala and Marie Tweek Our Family
14 Justin Timberlake/Timbaland Good Foot

Say What You Mean, from D*Note is a track from their eponymous
album, with vocals from Pamela Anderson (not to be confused with Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson). It is the track that stood out in my
mind as a call to our president and our elected officials who made promises to us during their campaigns. It’s time to deliver. I’d encourage you to listen to the words of this
song carefully, since it best describes my feelings right now. This
, Love’s Disguise and (I Got) Somebody
is from Nu Soul, which I got from my

Lalah Hathatway’s Outrun the Sky is the title track from her
current CD
, and New Edition’s Newness is from their new
CD One
, soon to be released. While it hasn’t hit me, this track is one of
the ones that stand out. Our Family is from Leko the Lazybeat
Lion, which I also got from my rekkasto. Justin Timberlake’s track is from Shark

Tracks from Davina and Caron Wheeler were requests from others who regularly listen here. If you have requests, please let me know.

5 comments on “friday melodies xix

  1. Why am I not surprised that D*Note made your list this week? Hehe.

  2. honey says:

    Luvin the new way! Leave it up to you to step up the game. Dangit, I’m tired of bowing to you, I’ll just kiss ya ring this time, LOL. Great job as usual EJ

  3. lis says:

    The mix is nice, as always, but I’m replaying and replaying and replaying Mojaji’s No Disguise and D’Nell’s ‘This Thing’… Lalah is right behind’um doh! Got me chillin’ and all moody on a friday man!

  4. Carla says:

    I see some sounds on here I’m not familiar with. I guess I better get to listening.

  5. Berry says:

    I really like the “new” way!

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