b12: tryptophan times

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Yeah, it was a long weekend. I could get used to this…
Baker’s Dozen: Tryptophan
Times. From KB’s

1. Thursday morning started out with me talking to my cousin that lives more than
a skip and a hop away: "Oh yeah, I’ll be over your house today. Save me a
2. Thursday afternoon, I eat myself into a tryptophanic stupor. Prime
can cook, y’all. The menu: turkey, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, yams,
string beans, dressing. Oh, and cranberry
3. Don’t underestimate Prime. I think he has a vat of tryptophan juice somewhere.
Why? I lay down and went to sleep, and didn’t wake up until….
4. …..Friday at around 10. Five hours later than I was used to. Nope, nope.
Won’t be doing any kind of Christmas shopping today. Instead, I’ll just have another
plate. And then take another nap, and wake up around 4. DOH!
5. Saturday, I set about to do some shopping….at the rekkasto that is! Unfortunately,
I’m there a little earlier than I should be and it’s not open. It forces me into
another rekkasto that is open, and around me? Vinyl, vinyl everywhere! (Yo Fresh!
I got TaMara and The Seen!) These days, $14 can take you far!
6. Saturday afternoon, I go visit a cousin that lives all the way across the city.
She gives me enough ham, you know, so I can make it back across the city in all
that traffic. I needed the constant company of the ham goodness to get me through.
That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. Damnit.
7. House music, all day long…since I’m on that side of the city, might as well
visit some friends who had the music CDs and bottles of rum out. I’ll take the
house music instead. Thanks.
7. Mo’ tryptophan, mo’ tryptophan, mo’ tryptohan. So much for going out Saturday
night. Instead of leaving the house, I’ll stay in and watch Fresh!
8. Sunday, lovely Sunday. I contemplate going out to eat or staying in and eating.
You know what the verdict is, right? Riiight. Instead, I rip all the vinyl (note:
you know this makes Old School Wednesdays easy, right?) and sing for part of the
9. …which results in me missing any Sunday games on the television. I’m such
a sports slacker, i swear.
10. I start my New Workout Plan. I’m back doing my gym thing. Something’s gotta
balance out all this good food! Ciara’s One Two Step’s got me bouncin’ all through
my workout, I swear.
11. Finally catch up with all of my relatives. My excuse? Sleeping, sleeping….
12. I finish off the weekend watching The Wire, and walking through the TiVo,
still feeling sleepy as hell. Damn that tryptophan.

9 comments on “b12: tryptophan times

  1. raven says:

    i had to smuggle an extra can of cranberry sauce out of my aunt’s house on thursday. you know…for my leftovers!

  2. KB says:

    So you’re starting the new workout plan? Kanye would be proud. I had two turkey days and that’s enough for me. I could’ve did with more cranberry though. Mrs. KB hooked up some lovely turkey croquettes over a bed of baby spinach and creamy ranch dressing. So good. And even in high definition I still didn’t watch The Wire. *sigh*
    Oh yeah, Thanks for Playing!

  3. prime time says:

    Baker’s Dozen: KB Style

    Hand picked from KB by way of EJ…

  4. Guess we’ll be streaching one more day out of the turkey and fixins.. even though the turkey is all gone, chicken has taken its place until all the mac & chesse, dressing, and green beans are gone .. Yum!

  5. lis says:

    out of err thing on this page, my eyes honed in like a darn eagle on it’s prey, on ‘tamara and the seen’. as i said, way back when, i bow down!

  6. honey says:

    Let me join Lis in bowing to you for The TaMara find. You’re like the Harrison Ford of lost records. Raiders of the rekkasto, LOL

  7. Ryan says:

    happy belated thanksgiving, EJ! trytophan is a motherfucker, isnt it?
    i’m glad we didnt go the turkey route (my sister and i made a chicken infused with lemon, garlic and rosemary), cause id probably JUST NOW be waking up from overeating…
    Fresh…FRESH is the movie! 🙂 such an underrated film..hi, can we find N’bushe Wright’s career? can we give sista low to mid seven figures to carry her own movie? damn…:)

  8. don says:

    macaroni and cheese on Thanksgiving???

  9. saga says:

    I need to join you on the workout plan…not only did I gorge that day, but my fat a$$ made my own leftovers sunday…so if you still are feenin, I have some of that hydro, – er, I mean tryptophan left…lol.
    Don, there are only 3 days a year that mac & cheese are a must-have: X-Mas, Easter (w/ham – stop playin’) and Tryptophan day, c’mon now…
    oh, and ej – the hip hop jawn is ready for you…now I gotta get me a radio blog…damn.

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