b12: return of the laptop killer

Baker’s Dozen. Laptop Killer Season. From KB’s Bakers Dozen.
1. Laptop Killer works best during the autumn: having to purchase another power supply for Hermes. Obviously I’m destined to have to buy another computer, and it’s not even a year old.
2. Thought about going to see A Tribe Called Quest this weekend for about 10 seconds, and decided against it and went to sleep instead.
3. Do I want to see a play? Naw, I’ll just go to the record store and go back home….
4. Ran into a good friend of J. Brotherlove at the rekkasto who was in town and convinced me that I did not have enough CDs.
5. After listening to the CDs I bought, I became annoyed because nothing was grabbing my attention. My favorite CD this weekend? The Guru Gangstarr CD.
6. Oh, why not…the day’s been a wash…lets go see the play.
7. “I’ll tell you what…I’m not feeling the play, so I’ll be hanging outside and walking around downtown. Just call me when it’s over.”
8. The actor that was in the play that I went to go see did a great job, however. Too bad I didn’t stay to see the second act. I would have probably fallen asleep.
9. Instead of the second act, went to go eat instead at a restaurant that had a singing waiter. Never realized Toni Braxton was 6’1″ and weighed over 200 lbs.
10. Witnessing quite a few bloggers going on hiatus. What a bummer.
11. Football? Wake me around January. Better yet, wake me up during basketball season. Oh wait…it IS basketball season…
12. Working overtime while laying in the bed. It’s the hotness.

5 comments on “b12: return of the laptop killer

  1. Carla says:

    LOL, the play was that boring E? Not even the actor you were going to see could keep you awake, eh. Now , what restaurant was this that you went to? Just better be glad you didn’t see ole washed up Bobby Brown singing.

  2. karsh says:

    You broke another laptop? Just gon’ head and donate it to me; you’ll feel so much better afterwards, I swear.
    Look ma, I’m in Typepad (finally….)!

  3. KB says:

    Bro, since no one told you: it is basketball season. You laptop killer, you…
    Thanks for playing!

  4. gwen says:

    “Never realized Toni Braxton was 6’1″ and weighed over 200 lbs.”
    HAHAHA — you know that made me think of is awhile after Macy Gray first came out and she was on some awards show presenting with Q-Tip and maybe she was wearing some really big shoes, I don’t know but they looked like Jack and the Beanstalk.

  5. MsThing says:

    Dang! Karsh beat me to the request for your old PC!
    *logs off of 1994 eMachine*

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