friday melodies, xviii.

friday melodies xviii

Music has gotten me through this week. It’s been a little stressful (ok, very
stressful), and I’m sure I could talk about work forever, but I think I’d rather
just listen to music. Let’s end it on a high note, shall we? There’s hip hop,
there’s mellow music…in fact, there’s a little house here too.

Mixing it up
a little– Friday
Melodies XVIII

1 Jon B with Dirt McGirt Everytime
2 Raphael Saadiq I Know Suggie Otis
3 D-Influence Phunky Times
4 LL Cool J Can’t Explain It
5 Toshi with Mos Def Living For Today
6 Talib Kweli Never Been In Love
7 Rafael Saadiq /Tony Toni Tone / Lucy Pearl Rifle Love
8 Jon B Lately
9 De La Soul featuring Yummy Much More
10 Lyfe Jennings The Way I Feel About You
11 Slum Village Old Girl/Shining Star
12 John Legend Live It Up
13 Joi Cardwell Be Yourself
14 Cheryl Lynn Sweet Kind of Life
15 Abenaa Rain

Two tracks (2 and 7) are from Rafael Saadiq’s Ray
album, but the one that is most special to me is the track Rifle
, with Tony Toni Tone and Lucy Pearl accompanying him. Tracks 1 and
8 are from Jon B’s new album, Stronger
. Notice the vocal stylings (!) of Dirt McGirt in Everytime.

Track 10 is from Lyfe Jenning’s Lyfe
album. Cheryl Lynn’s Sweet Kind of Life is a nice track
off of the Shark
soundtrack. Be Yourself by Joi Cardwell
is from the awesome house CD Blaze
Presents Artists United for Life

Nod your head. It’s a little bit of everything. Enjoy.

4 comments on “friday melodies, xviii.

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  2. lis says:

    ‘Be Yourself’ is just what I needed today. That melody makes me want to take a vaction to somewhere tropical!

  3. EJ that JOI CALDWELL joint was nice! And those Jon B. songs were cool too, I havent really been keepin up with him. “Lately” was real nice. The Jon Ledgend wont bad either. The Cheryl Lynn cut was a nice surprise too! You know I’m an Ol’ Skool fool!

  4. Berry says:

    I like it! I liked the hidden bonus track for Lucy Pearl tucked in there *lOl* Anyway, it is the perfect Saturday morning groove.

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