friday melodies xvii.

After doing such a superb job with OSW and having a great week at work, I thought
maybe I’d just skip the Friday Melodies and try to post something a little more
substantial. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I’d
leave out a piece of myself to start the weekend off with. Besides, there were
a couple of things going on that I couldn’t just let fall by the wayside:

1. KB’s third
of Buccho. Listen to his Friday Melodies. Read about it. Show
your support.
2. Ray talks about Sexomania.
3. Lis had Wendy And Lisa’s I’ve Got No Strings in
, which made me find this
interview with the two
4. Lynne’s man Q is really
getting his scribe on

Dropping the tunes late in the evening, but the weekend’s just beginning, right?
Melodies 17.

1 D’Influence f/Lily Roy Wondering
2 Mayisha Orbit
3 Magic Number Turn Back
4 Miguel Migs Brand New Day
5 Calvin Harris with Ayah Let Me Know
6 Zap Mama Yelling Away
7 Brand Nubian Where Are You Now
8 Kaskade Maybe
9 Raphael Saddiq/Teedra Moses I Want You Back
10 De La Soul Church
11 Toshi It’s Time
12 Talib Kweli / Mary J. Blige I Try
13 John Legend I Used To Love You
14 Toshi Beating of My Heart
15 The Rebirth This Journey In

Groove it forward.

Special Notes:
Track 7 (explicit language) is from Fire
In The Hole
Tracks 8 and 15 are from OM
Lounge 9
Track 9 is taken from Ray
Tracks 11 and 14 are from Time
To Share
Track 13 is from John
. This album is wonderful (Trent, cop this one. I’m going to wear this one out, for sure.)

3 thoughts on “friday melodies xvii.

  1. You know you had me singing like Mary all evening with that Talib joint. The only thing that interrupted it was trying to remember the beat to that Toshi track (#11). Now I’m home so I can listen to it. Thanks for the link love. I hope many will read and get informed.

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