friday melodies xvii.

After doing such a superb job with OSW and having a great week at work, I thought
maybe I’d just skip the Friday Melodies and try to post something a little more
substantial. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I’d
leave out a piece of myself to start the weekend off with. Besides, there were
a couple of things going on that I couldn’t just let fall by the wayside:

1. KB’s third
of Buccho. Listen to his Friday Melodies. Read about it. Show
your support.
2. Ray talks about Sexomania.
3. Lis had Wendy And Lisa’s I’ve Got No Strings in
, which made me find this
interview with the two
4. Lynne’s man Q is really
getting his scribe on

Dropping the tunes late in the evening, but the weekend’s just beginning, right?
Melodies 17.

1 D’Influence f/Lily Roy Wondering
2 Mayisha Orbit
3 Magic Number Turn Back
4 Miguel Migs Brand New Day
5 Calvin Harris with Ayah Let Me Know
6 Zap Mama Yelling Away
7 Brand Nubian Where Are You Now
8 Kaskade Maybe
9 Raphael Saddiq/Teedra Moses I Want You Back
10 De La Soul Church
11 Toshi It’s Time
12 Talib Kweli / Mary J. Blige I Try
13 John Legend I Used To Love You
14 Toshi Beating of My Heart
15 The Rebirth This Journey In

Groove it forward.

Special Notes:
Track 7 (explicit language) is from Fire
In The Hole
Tracks 8 and 15 are from OM
Lounge 9
Track 9 is taken from Ray
Tracks 11 and 14 are from Time
To Share
Track 13 is from John
. This album is wonderful (Trent, cop this one. I’m going to wear this one out, for sure.)

3 comments on “friday melodies xvii.

  1. KB says:

    You know you had me singing like Mary all evening with that Talib joint. The only thing that interrupted it was trying to remember the beat to that Toshi track (#11). Now I’m home so I can listen to it. Thanks for the link love. I hope many will read and get informed.

  2. lis says:

    as always… you come with it! New music which I truly enjoyed. Loved the Raphael track the most!

  3. Angel says:

    Great set you have here, EJ! 🙂

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