friday melodies xvi.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again….and as Michelle,
and KB
said it: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Make
your donation
, show your support. All day. Every day.

Onward and upward. Friday
Melodies 16.

This one’s also an A Side/B Side. The A side is comprised of some songs that made
me feel good, with quite a bit of it from recommendations from others. Side B
is a direct result of Lalah Hathaway’s new album Outrun
The Sky
. Several of the tracks were produced by Mike City, inspiring me to
go back and pull some of his production from the not-so-distant past.

Side A:
01 – "Rise" by Martin Luther. When Trent
, I listen. I wanted to place more tracks of his in this mix, but a little bit
every week is good.
02 – "Down Here In Hell" by Van Hunt.
03 – "Testin’ Me" by Pevin Everett. This song was part of the
mix of Unabombers’s first release of Electric
. Obtaining the second set and liking it so much made me go back and pull
the first release.
04 – "Maybe" by Eric
. From Esoteric. This song always makes me smile.
05 – "Hard Times" by Queen Latifah. From The Dana
Owens Album
, the new release. I’m impressed by this album.
06 – "(Where Do I Begin) Love Story [Away Team Mix]" by Shirley
Bassey. This is from the Supperclub
Presents Lounge, Volume 3
. I liked this because it added heavy beats to a
classic song. Quite different.
07 – "Let Me In" by Larry
. From the new CD, Love’s
. Mellow house.
08 – "Show Me Love" by D’Influence featuring Sarah Anne Webb.
One can hope for a reunion, right?

Side B: Mike City
09 – "A Little Sunshine" by Sunshine Anderson. The release
first single released, Heard It All Before, was well known, but there were several other
highlights on the album. This was the one I wished was released.
10 – "I Wish" by Carl Thomas. We can’t call it old-school,
according to the definitions above, but we can certainly say it’s a great song,
can’t we?
11 – "One Woman Man" by Dave Hollister.
12 – "Full Moon" by Brandy.
13 – "Love It" by Bilal.
14 – "Better and Better" by Lalah Hathaway. It’s on her just-released
album Outrun The Sky, one of my favorite cuts from the CD.
15 – "No Place Like Home" by Blu Cantrell.
16 – "Make It Right" by Carl Thomas.

Everybody needs a little sunshine to brighten up their day.

10 comments on “friday melodies xvi.

  1. Xquizzyt1 says:

    Oh Wow… I really like this one. =) I wasn’t up on Van Hunt until a couple of months ago when I heard this song on the music choice station on my digital cable channel. Then I noticed that other people were totally up on him and feeling him…so I got very interested in him. =)

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  3. la chica alta says:

    Thank you for the Queen Latifah song. I knew that she could sing, but she is really holding her own with that selection.

  4. lis says:

    Being the chill person that I am, I must say that this selection is at the top of my list. Martin Luther, Eric Roberson, Van Hunt, Queen Latifah… LOVED IT! Full Moon really made me stand up and take notice of Brandy when it came out. That Blu cut is niiiiiice! Lalah *sigh*… I’m so done!

  5. Rogue says:

    You got me with Queen Latifah and Carl Thomas. 🙂 They are two of my faves!

  6. prime time says:

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  7. TGIF

    It’s Friday, and people all over the world (wide web) have updated their blogs! I had to do the same. Of course my mood hasn’t changed much. I’m in some wierd, sultry, reflective, contemplative, mood and I can’t shake that…

  8. lizard says:

    ooooh this Queen Latifah is delicious. timeless.

  9. Berry says:

    Damn, major props for the flip side this week!

  10. Ariya says:

    Thanks for putting the breast cancer awareness ribbon up EJ. I know one survivor of breast cancer and have had one relative to pass from it. I didn’t know that this was Breast Cancer Awareness month. I definitely will be adding the ribbon/marker to my site.

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