an eyefull, volume ii

Alright, playing catch-up here.

Lis, because she
wanted to torture me (didn’t you Lis?), wanted my favorite non-computer related
, which is television, something out of my drawer that I’d never wear
, and a candid shot of me taken by someone else. This jacket was a BBD jacket,
and I have no idea why I bought it, but I did, and never wear it unless I have
to run to the mailbox. As for the candid shot, well, there isn’t much of a candid
shot of me. I’m still trying to locate one. I’m hoping they’ve all been destroyed,
but I’m sure someone will come up with something.

Deb — let’s see… you wanted
pic of me with Anna
, a picture of my
favorite piece of artwork
, which is a painting from Rossy Finol that hangs
in our home, and a
picture of the front door

Deshi wanted to
see a picture of me smiling. Well here ya go! Up for a limited time only.

Now Gwen – you wanted one
of me making a scary Halloween face. I’m going to postpone that until Halloween,
because I have to think fo a costume. (No comments from the peanut gallery!) You
also wanted one of my record collection. I took a picture of part of one, which is
lots of tapes, CDs and etc. in my personal office. As for my favorite knick knack, I wasn’t
sure what that was going to be, but as I was in my office, I took a picture of
one painting that I think was really special from Rossy Finol. When we got the
first paintings, I was captivated by this one which has three sections: the top
section had a scissor with a goat on a string on the bottom. My interpretation
of its symbolic meaning was that in order to set yourself free, always look to
the sky and something or someone above would inspire you and that inspiration would set you free.

Elle, here’s the inside
of the main fridge
, and yeah, we have food aplenty, my favorite snack, which besides
chicken is key lime pie ice cream, and the dog.

KB the sadistic one, you asked for
pic of all my Flytetyme stuff. That’s nearly impossible, seeing as I’d have to
drag 3 computers, tapes, and phonographs together. Instead I just put as much
vinyl as I could in the frame
, and yes, even Pia is there. The other two you wanted,
me and Anna face to face and my fortress of solitude were much easier.

Karen, I could never
stop taking pics of Anna, but as for a picture of someone I look up to, I’m still
trying to figure out which picture could capture that so I’ll have to give you
a raincheck. The two above are a couple of pics of the collection. I’d be snapping
pics all day if I had to capture them all.

Enigma, I got a pic
of Mike
(and I caught hell for it too), the bathroom, and a pic of the front of
the house

And pics of me with just my boxers on? Send a $100 check or money order to…

8 comments on “an eyefull, volume ii

  1. DebWire says:

    I love these pics! I so wish I had the guts to do this. Kudos to you for sharing with us.

  2. karsh says:

    I’ve actually got a candid pic of EJ lurking around my place somewhere…heh heh heh. I might have to do this meme myself and put my camera to some good use.

  3. honey says:

    I’m with Deb, I wish I had the nerve to do it too. Your lil Anna is a cutie pie and is that a Lushus Dame & The Pretty Vain album in the pic *drooling over your music collection*

  4. KB says:

    Is it me or does your bathroom look like a pair of tims on your feet?

  5. Carla says:

    I’m loving your pics! I think I might have to try this out too. But I gotta get the nerve to do it!

  6. lis says:

    krash… hook us up please! (smile).
    Anna is too cute… and I need a bathroom that big!
    Thanks for obliging us EJ!

  7. Neena says:

    These are great. Now, for the next round, i would love to see a picture of the ENTIRE music collection (or at least what can fit into a picture)!

  8. James says:

    Sound Warehouse cassette crate….priceless!!! Remember when we used to live for those? I finally gave mine away last to charity. It was not like I had used them in years.
    Great photos!

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