OSW: the request line


I could have done a Monday morning Bakers Dozen. but I literally couldn’t come up with
12 entries. Work. It be’s that way sometimes. I’m able to come up with the tunes though.

Old School Wednesday: The Request Line.

I tried to keep the tunes selected as ones from the 80’s, since that was the most
requested (thank you Studpoet). I tried to get as many requests in as I possibly
could, and there were quite a few. The IM sessions – they just didn’t stop….

1. Klymaxx – Wild Girls. This starts off the set, because I had to rip
this from vinyl. This is from Klymaxx’s first album, and also a single which was
produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis – their very first production of a band. Warning: the song sounds a bit on the rough side, so if it gets to you, just jump to the next one.

2. Lushus Daim and the Pretty Vain – More Than You Can Handle. Second
one coming from vinyl. Same disclaimer as the first- a bit choppy. Produced by Leon Sylvers.
3. The Jets – Crush on You. I had to come up with tunes from the 80s
by request, so this is the first thing came to mind.
4. Mary Jane Girls – In My House.
5. Atlantic Starr – Circles.
6. New Edition – Cool It Now.
7. Shalamar – This Is For The Lover In You. Had a very specific request
for this one. Who am I to let the ladies down?
8. Robbie Nevil – C’est La Vie. Blue eyed soul.
9. Whodini – The Freaks Come Out At Night. I had to put them on. There
needs to be more hip hop on this mix though. Next time, people, next time.
10. Evelyn Champaigne King – Love Come Down.
11. The Jones Girls – You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else. While my
mother and her friends were singing this song with reckless abandon, I was more
in tune with the bass line. Still can’t get it out of my head.
12. Zapp Band – Doo Wa Ditty (Blow That Thang). There were a couple of
tunes to choose from, most notably Dance Floor. Only problem was, the single I
had was 8 minutes long. While I’m sure I would have grooved to it, I couldn’t
place it anywhere in the mix. Thus, Doo Waa Ditty.
13. Zapp and Roger – Computer Love. Featuring vocals from Shirley Murdock
and Charlie Wilson from…
14. The GAP Band – Outstanding. How many times have you heard samples
from this song? Better yet, name them all.
15. Pebbles – Mercedes Boy. With production and background
vocals from Charlie Wilson. Simplistic.
16. Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots. Still a classic.
17. Teena Marie – Portugese Love. A classic closer.

Giving love back. Hope y’all enjoy.

* Who’s house? Why it’s the women’s house of course: Steph,
Lis, Sheron,
and the one and only Angelica, who’s doing quite well — thank you all for your support.

** I’ve also got to say that I’ve neglected to mention that meeting Sheron
and Karen
were by far one of the best things to happen last week, and yes it’s taken a while
for us to actually mention the meetup, but the love is definitely still there.

16 comments on “OSW: the request line

  1. MsThing says:

    You’ve done it again. Good looking out on the New Edition and The Jets tunes. Both are favs from my preteen 80’s days. Thanks!

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    Finally! Found the trojan, annhilated it and got my radio.blog just so. Let’s Ride!…

  4. gwen says:

    oooooooooh, baby! the jets at 8 a.m. — i can’t remember the last time this early was this sweet 😉 is it all from your vinyl?

  5. Seeing as I got a private sneak preview of this week’s Ol’ Skool, complete with dance interpretations by none other than EJ the DJ himself, I must tell you that not even The Jets could have been so entertaining. LOL
    Portugese Love has to be one of my all time favorite songs IN LIFE!

  6. Angelica says:

    Another fine OSW, EJ! You really missed your calling. You’re a DJ at heart.

  7. lis says:

    Sigh circles, outstandin, computer love, mercedes boy, portugese love… What can I say… You are rockin’ my world EJ! You make my work day 100% better. My department thanks you. For without you someone would have caught a beat down right about now. Thanks 😉

  8. nOva says:

    Oh good. I actually know these songs.

  9. Carla says:

    Another OSW that I’m lovin’.

  10. KB says:

    I don’t know about every song using “Outstanding” as a sample but here’s a few…
    Da Brat ft Notorious BIG’s “B-Side” [intro sampled – *** my favorite ***]
    Ashanti’s “Happy” [beat sample]
    Blackstreet’s “U Blow My Mind” [Charlie vocal jack]
    Ice Cube’s “True to the Game” [anotha beat heist]
    Prince Markie Dee’s “Swing My Way (Typical Reasons)” [a Fat Boy’s love song]
    R Kelly’s “Summer Bunnies” [or is that still considered Public Announcement?]
    Redman’s “Blow Your Mind” [half of Reggie’s first album is Gap Band or Parliament/Funkadelic]
    Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s “Outstanding” [straight jackin]
    Shaq’s “Outstanding” [come on, Diesel]
    Soul IV Real’s “Every Little Thing I Do”
    Spanish Fly’s “The Dealer”
    Kurious’s “I’m Kurious”
    Paris’s “Assata’s Song”
    Paris’s “Thinka ’bout It”

  11. Ariya says:

    Agrees with Carla. Nice to see some Pebbles, Mary Jane Girls and New Edition on the list too.

  12. PatCH says:

    OMG. C’est la Vie and Mercedes Boy… Those bring back some memories… Sheesh.

  13. Fresh! says:

    You strong on this OSW for real. Today is Patrice Rushen’s birthday so u know she getz the nod. To amplify KB’s post…add “Call His Name” – Trinitee 5:7….
    peace out…more old skool for yo Wednesday comin’ to a snailmail box near u (wink)

  14. Ej-another great mix man! You had some of my favorite songs on there! I was mad about “Love Come Down” back in the day, and it was great hearing “Cool It Now” again. That Klymaxx cut was new to me but I liked it! And I told you that “You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else” was my theme song years ago! And “Portugese Love” is going on the LoveHater SlowJam MixTape (whenever we get that goin’)! Good goin!

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  16. Berry says:

    Wow! You snuck this one in on me. 🙂

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