friday melodies xiv.

Picture this – I’m sitting here watching The
. The task? For them to make a new flavor for their ice cream
and sell it. That’s two new flavors to be created.

See where I’m going with this?
Oh, da hell with it! *wink*

Melodies XVI.

This mix is a thank-you for a couple of people who sent CDs to me, plus a little
bit of a tease to some of the bloggers who have been expressing interest to
certain tunes from previous radio blogs and exponent. You know who you are.

01 – Anthony David
Spittin’ Game. For a certain person who swoons over Anthony David
melodies. One word: inspired.
02 – Nubian Minds featuring KJ – Dreaming. Three words: mack daddy
cut. From Unabombers:
Electric Soul 2
03 – Blue Six – Pure. This is for someone who was looking for Naked
Music: Bare Essentials, Volume 1
04 – Dynasty – I’ve Just Begun to Love You. Someone didn’t remember
anything from Dynasty, so I had to pull this out of the crate. A little head
noddin’ old school.
05 – Only Child featuring Niko – Show Me Love. Off of Only Child’s Solitaire and Grand Central Translation: A Mix by Qool DJ Marv.
06 and 07 – Nicki Richards’ Sunshine and DJ Chus and David Penn featuring
Darren J. Bell’s Sunshine (Mediterranean Vocal Mix). Sunshine personified.
08 – Wendy and Lisa – Everyday. From Fruit at the Bottom.
09 – Fertile Ground – Live In The Light. From …Black Is.
10 – St. Juste – Big Shoes. A cool guy named Ian, the maestro of Notes
from A Different Kitchen
, dropped this my way. Pound pound.
11 – Ernesto – Especial. Pulling yet another one out of my stack.
12 – Incognito – True To Myself. Back to the mellow.

Back to watch the the ice cream melt.

And by the way: Ernesto, The Unambombers, Anthony David, and Bare Essentials are all touched upon on exponent.

Edit: and melt it did. The Apprentice just threw a fast ball. Damn.

7 comments on “friday melodies xiv.

  1. I Am A Goofass

    This morning it dawned on me that I did my Friday Jams on fucking Thursday. I have no idea why I thought it was Friday, yesterday … but, oh well. I have now moved it up to it’s rightful spot. But, it totally explains why EJ and Deb did not put up the…

  2. Rogue says:

    I am totally lovin’ Anthony David. Though, the whole mix is definitely ear candy. 🙂

  3. Fresh! says:

    friday_melodies_xiv is bangin! Dynasty!!?? Man, sorry we got cutoff lsst night, blasted Earthlink PPP server!! That is the jam…but you gotta hook me up with my all time Dynasty fave: “Here I Am”. I’m vibin’ to your RB now.
    peace….have a good weekend.

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  5. Carla says:

    HAHAHA, I knew exactly where you were going. I like that intro!

  6. lis says:

    you did it again my friend.
    one word: iloveanthonydavid
    ok – lemme listen to the rest of the flava mix!

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