friday melodies xiii

I had this sitting out for a while, and didn’t post last week.
I’m going to lift my spirits though, and let’s hope I can lift yours.

Melodies XIII.

01. SincereThe
Foreign Exchange
with Yahzarah. This is a song I see being released from
The Foreign Exchange – being that I haven’t seen any releases as of yet, I’m
anxious to hear something.
02. Talk to MeJill
. I haven’t received an *umph* yet from this album, but this track
speaks volumes.
03. Another Day – Fertile Ground. From the new release Black
I’m currently vibing with them.
04 & 05. Grenique and Heatwave – Star of the Story. There were
a couple of comments left that suggested that Grenique’s remake of Star of the
Story was not good. Asking your opinion now….which one is better, in your
06. Anthony David
Heartstrings. I’m absorbing the low key song. Saw him as an opening
act for Omar and the album is much better than I expected. I’ll be featuring
more as the month goes on.
07. Beanfield with Ernesto – Someone Like You. Electronica vibrations.
08. Loopless – Educated Fools (Waiting On).
09, 10, and 11. Minneapolis representation – Be Your Man from Jesse
Johnson, Housequake from Prince, and Shortberry Strawcake,
from Sheila E.

I’m whistling Star of the Story – trying to get past the hurt.

2 comments on “friday melodies xiii

  1. lis says:

    YAY! I was afraid you would not be inspired. Thanks EJ (I’m always in need of some new sounds)…

  2. lizard says:

    today, i noticed lizard radio’s 61 songs were about 75% depressive episodes – in which i did wallow muchly, for many hours. which isn’t that unusual, i seem to be a complaint rock wallow junkie.
    and about now i need to turn that thing around.

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