baker’s dozen: the three B’s.


Baker’s Dozen… the three B’s: bethink, Brak and balding. From KB’s

1. I’m much better at the start of this week, because getting off early and
being in an
IM session with two of the warmest people you’d ever wanna meet
both online
and offline and talking about so many things in such a small stretch of time
is quite cool and uplifting.
2. Still shouldn’t forget to reflect tomorrow (Tuesday) on the man who touched
quite a few people, both on and offline. Just remember, Any
Road Up
. Bethink
3. People, if you see a shiny dome on top of my head, it should be revered. An
impending bald spot is synonymous with transforming into an Isaac Hayes wannabe.
Must get my hair cut today…
4. Please, if you have a pet, and she sees little things like blue
pills laying around the floor
, she should not treat them as candy, but
alert the housemates that the visitors have dropped the wrong kind of "doggie
treats" on the floor. I’m just sayin’.
5. Am I cool for liking The
Brak Show
or what?
6. Am I uncool for not vibing to either Jill Scott or Anita Baker this weekend?
7. RogueAngel?
Me and you, eye to eye. It’s a good thing. We’re gonna have to chat again.
And yeah, I’m gonna get off my butt and blog more…
8. I’m not so sure I’m feeling The
this season, but we’ll see just how interesting it’s going
to be.
9. I wasn’t the only one drinking
‘tinis on Saturday
10. cream
cheese cheesy cheesy cream cheese cheesy cream
11. I painlessly upgraded to 3.11
and even installed MT-NowPlaying
this weekend (look towards the right at what I’m vibing to now), after the
‘tini’s of course. iTunes…it’s like crack.
12. ..and speaking of crack, I can think of three more: The
Real World Philadelphia
, Alias
(now how it plans on coming back in January is killing me), and The

9 comments on “baker’s dozen: the three B’s.

  1. Jason T. says:

    God that chat was therapeutic.
    I’m so glad you’re digging RW Philly (I think that first episode was probably the best we’ve produced since Hawaii). Karamo helps to make this season really different and he allows us to approach some issues we’ve looked at before through completely different lenses.
    One week until The Wire. It’s Time!

  2. KB says:

    *** RUNON ALERT ***
    I say you’re “uncool” because you keep sleeping on Jill’s album. I have to admit “Golden” sounds sweet streaming in from an XM satellite. And you’re KILLING ME with that plug-in. Highly jealous. Just watch. I’ma bite. Just be lucky those blue pills weren’t Viagra. Poor Anna…
    Thanks for playing!

  3. rocka says:

    You’re not alone in your love of Brak… When you’re drunk at midnight, Brak and Aqua Teen Force are the best ever. And I am loving the Real World, Willie could get it…

  4. Enigma says:

    yeah i’ve decided to post each week about rw in phila after i did the first watching the rw post w/a native. the beginning already had me rolling my eyes.
    the wire is the shit! i love that show. just waiting for the season to start!
    cream cheese cheesy cheesy cream cheese cheesy cream

  5. Honey says:

    *gasp* at not vibin with Jill, but then again I like it that you’re groovin to the beat of your own drummer so I forgive you, lol. ooohhhh I’m eyeing that Now Playing…another thing I’m jealous that I dont have yet. hmmphhh (puttin it on layaway) hehe

  6. Michelle says:

    That IM session was brilliant and needs to be repeated. Often.
    I think The Wire is a gift to you, me and Jason for getting through it all. It’s arrival is perfectly timed. I’m alright with Alias not coming back until January because it’s going to run straight through with no repeats. I definitely like the HBO mode of shorter runs with no repeats.
    I’m also down with the new season of The Real World. I’m pleased to not only see two gay men on one season but two diverse gay men, one of which who really challenges a lot of people’s pre-conceived notion of what gay men are like.

  7. Rogue says:

    I definitely enjoyed chatting with you and will be looking forward to some “in-depth” posting. And, since I got Radio.Blog up and running … it is the least you could do. 😛

  8. Cecily says:

    Is being drunk at midnight a prerequisite for liking ATHF? ‘Cause I like my Meatwad straight, no chaser. 😉

  9. larry. says:

    you are VERY cool for liking the Brak show. very. and let me know what you think of track 4 of the jill scott album when you get around to it.

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