speeding up while slowing down

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. Well, no, let’s make that a month.
Remember when I said I was going to be out of work soon, and if I didn’t find
something that I’d probably just croak? Well, it’s interesting. I think I’d
better get everything out when I get time, because time is now a luxury.

My job was being exported overseas, and with that, my contract was set to expire
earlier this month. Well, as it was about to expire, I did my rounds, with my
resume in hand, and managed to find another gig. Then my previous contract got
extended not once, but twice. Not only that– I’m having to work two contracts
at the same time. Sounds great right? Well, yeah, in theory. I’m assuming that
my work hours will be at the very least, 10 hours a day. I’m also on call for
the next three months. Vacation? I’m gonna have to steal a couple of days. The
gym is calling back also – since I’m going to be busy, the gym will be a nice
distraction. My ailment? It’s on check, for now. More on that later – we all
know that it’s not going to go away.

This of course, makes no excuse for me not blogging, for me being complacent,
for being tired one minute and stressed out the next. The radio blogs are a
piece of cake to me, although looking around me, all the blog peeps have been
asking me why it’s easier to do a meme than actually blog about something with
substance. They’re right. The journalistic vibes that are created electronically
through this blog has been largely set aside by me. For the ones who asked where
I had been and where I was going, thanks for the kick in my complacency. It’s
absolutely what was needed.

But now, without further ado, I’d like to present (again): eXponent.
I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get back to it without having to type
so much, so I’ve decided to blog more with smaller reviews, since I tend to
purchase [at least] three CDs a week. It’s such a shame to leave it sitting
there when there’s so much music in my head, in my car, on the floor…you get
my drift. And of course, this was an idea that sat in draft mode for so long
that I had to actually had to see Time
to get a kick in my complacency and realize that I could do something
without having to stress out and spend so much time doing it.

I’d also be remiss in saying it’s been revamped and redecorated (psst, Blog
Body Shop
…word!) so you know that’s where the funk lives.

Coming soon: Ernesto,
and Heavy, just to name
a few. One and all, thanks for the reality check- you guys know who you are.

10 comments on “speeding up while slowing down

  1. Ariya says:

    Hey EJ! Really look forward to your Grenique review. I’ve been looking at that album for a while. The cover of her album’s so pretty LOL.
    Anyway, I’m glad they didn’t outsource your job overseas…hopefully they’ll make it a permanent gig instead of just a contractual basis. And… make sure to get plenty of relaxation in between your long hours! Good luck and godspeed!

  2. Intellifreak says:

    Folks slept on Grenique. I’ve been listening for that CD just about everyday since undergrad.
    “Should I say or should I go…broken promises…”

  3. I didn’t sleep on Grenique (even saw her perform live) but I didn’t like her CD either. There were a couple of okay cuts on it but most of her songs (her cover of “Star Of The Story” for example) made me cringe.
    I dig Heavy though. And I like Ernesto’s work with Stateless and Beanfield; I might cop his disc soon.

  4. Lashundra says:

    glad you are still working and i know having 2 contracts and working 10 hrs day can get to you but hang in there and remember you can share that money with me when i come to ATL you know I love to shop for COACH :). but i’ll mos definitely hit you up when i come through ATL again.
    take care on my way to eXponent…

  5. Ryan Canty says:

    hey there: sounds like things are–though stressful–working out for you…
    DO get some rest lords know you work harder than any damn body else i know, ok?
    and if i read another yahoo messenger post about you not eating for 1+ days (aka NEW YORK), i may have to fly down there andhurt you, ej. 🙂
    good stuff on my end too (TWO potential job offers as of right now…)

  6. Queen Sexy says:

    Contract work can suck royally, but we both knew you’d be fine. Glad you took the time out to do that’s more about you.

  7. junior says:

    Damn Skippy. I almost started accusing you of being uninteresting. Kisses.

  8. Anitra says:

    I’m echoing Ariya. In the midst of all the contractual chaos, don’t forget to make time for midget stripteasing. 🙂 I’m thinking about ya and will catch up with you soon.

  9. Deb says:

    “Welcome back.”

  10. Troy says:

    reminds me of the time when Mary Tyler Moore throws her knit cap up in the air in the middle of her sitcom’s opening number; “You’re gonna make it, afterall”….LOL, don’t question it–go with it and talk amongst yourselves..yeah, I’m that old, sue me…:)

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