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All you meme police out there, I know you wanna do this…so be like Nike.
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First Record[s] Bought: Two of them at the same time: I
Wanna Be Your Lover
, Prince / I
Like Girls
, The Fatback Band, both on 45s.
First Album Bought: Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, Masterjam.
First Concert: Luther Vandross/Anita Baker in the Rosemont
Theatre in Chicago, around 1989.
Favorite Music Movie: Purple Rain, still. Runner up? Cooley
Favorite Music Book: Everything
You’d Better Know About the Record Industry
, Kashif.
Favorite Lyrical Songwriter: I agree with Trent on this one
— Stevie Wonder.
Favorite Producers: Jimmy
Jam and Terry Lewis
(quiet from the hecklers, please).
Favorite Record Label: Past — Uptown, none as of now.
Favorite Magazine[s]: XXL,
Favorite Bassist: Past — Mark
, currently — Marius
, all-time favorite — Bootsy.
Favorite Album Cover: Multiple ones from The Roots – Things
Fall Apart. Classics. Runner up: Isaac Hayes Hot
Buttered Soul
Favorite Music DVD: Classic
Albums – Stevie Wonder: Songs In the Key of Life
Favorite Teen Idol: Past — LL Cool J / Present — Usher.
Artists Who [Disappointed You]: Roger
and Larry Troutman
. That was seriously tragic.
Artist You Will Always Believe In: Prince.
Singer Who Makes Your Skin Crawl: Celine Dion.
Singer Who Makes You Swoon: Janet Jackson.
Favorite Sounds: Real bass and real drums.
Album You Will Always Defend: The Time’s Pandemonium
Album[s] You Own That No One Else Does: Wally Badarou’s Chief
, and Pia Zadora’s When
the Lights Go Out
. (Flytetyme hecklers, see above). On vinyl of course.

Classic Album You Own but Don’t Like: Fear of a Black Planet,
Public Enemy
Artist[s] You’re Supposed to Like but Don’t: Celine Dion, Elvis
Presley, Whitney Houston (maybe she’ll get better).
Genres You Stay Away From: Crunkety-crunk music, hard rock.
Song You Can’t Stand by an Artist You Like: Bobby Brown’s Roni.

Band [Or Group] That Should Break Up: Again, with Trent, Destiny’s
Bands [Or Groups] That Should Re-form: A Tribe
Called Quest, The Time (in it’s original form).
Guilty Pleasure: Swing Out Sister marathons.
Concert[s] You Wish You’d Seen: Stevie Wonder (the 70s concerts),
The Time (original version).
Dream Collaboration: Slave (the original lineup) and The Time
(original lineup), with Prince and the Revolution.

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  1. you are truly all things music! E, tell me you remember Tamara And The Seen…? Affection? I am so wanting to find that – no luck thus far.

  2. I didn’t know it was a murder-suicide. I thought he’d just been sick. (Troutman). *smh* It’s gonna take a lot for me to remember the answer to some of these questions, but I’ll try.

  3. Music Meme

    A Music Meme Via EJ who got it from a bunch of other folks… First Record[s] Bought: Diana Ross, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Frankie Valley’s Grease (Vinyl 45) . First Album Bought: Paul McCartney’s “Tug of War,” Paul…

  4. it goes on and on…as promised here it tis

    this is in no way complete…just wanted to get it out there cuz i told EJ i would 😉 First Record[s] Bought: 45 – when doves cry First Album Bought: Thriller & The Ohio Players First Concert: run-dmc madison square…

  5. Meme: Musical Survey

    Just because EJ and others did it . . .
    First Record[s] Bought: “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross on 45. Parents wouldn’t let me get “Love To Love You Baby” by Donna Summer (yet).
    First Album Bought: Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack.

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