musical meme survey

All you meme police out there, I know you wanna do this…so be like Nike.
Just do it.
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First Record[s] Bought: Two of them at the same time: I
Wanna Be Your Lover
, Prince / I
Like Girls
, The Fatback Band, both on 45s.
First Album Bought: Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, Masterjam.
First Concert: Luther Vandross/Anita Baker in the Rosemont
Theatre in Chicago, around 1989.
Favorite Music Movie: Purple Rain, still. Runner up? Cooley
Favorite Music Book: Everything
You’d Better Know About the Record Industry
, Kashif.
Favorite Lyrical Songwriter: I agree with Trent on this one
— Stevie Wonder.
Favorite Producers: Jimmy
Jam and Terry Lewis
(quiet from the hecklers, please).
Favorite Record Label: Past — Uptown, none as of now.
Favorite Magazine[s]: XXL,
Favorite Bassist: Past — Mark
, currently — Marius
, all-time favorite — Bootsy.
Favorite Album Cover: Multiple ones from The Roots – Things
Fall Apart. Classics. Runner up: Isaac Hayes Hot
Buttered Soul
Favorite Music DVD: Classic
Albums – Stevie Wonder: Songs In the Key of Life
Favorite Teen Idol: Past — LL Cool J / Present — Usher.
Artists Who [Disappointed You]: Roger
and Larry Troutman
. That was seriously tragic.
Artist You Will Always Believe In: Prince.
Singer Who Makes Your Skin Crawl: Celine Dion.
Singer Who Makes You Swoon: Janet Jackson.
Favorite Sounds: Real bass and real drums.
Album You Will Always Defend: The Time’s Pandemonium
Album[s] You Own That No One Else Does: Wally Badarou’s Chief
, and Pia Zadora’s When
the Lights Go Out
. (Flytetyme hecklers, see above). On vinyl of course.

Classic Album You Own but Don’t Like: Fear of a Black Planet,
Public Enemy
Artist[s] You’re Supposed to Like but Don’t: Celine Dion, Elvis
Presley, Whitney Houston (maybe she’ll get better).
Genres You Stay Away From: Crunkety-crunk music, hard rock.
Song You Can’t Stand by an Artist You Like: Bobby Brown’s Roni.

Band [Or Group] That Should Break Up: Again, with Trent, Destiny’s
Bands [Or Groups] That Should Re-form: A Tribe
Called Quest, The Time (in it’s original form).
Guilty Pleasure: Swing Out Sister marathons.
Concert[s] You Wish You’d Seen: Stevie Wonder (the 70s concerts),
The Time (original version).
Dream Collaboration: Slave (the original lineup) and The Time
(original lineup), with Prince and the Revolution.

9 comments on “musical meme survey

  1. Musical Survey

    that was an easy way to lose an hour.

  2. lis says:

    you are truly all things music! E, tell me you remember Tamara And The Seen…? Affection? I am so wanting to find that – no luck thus far.

  3. Monkie says:

    I didn’t know it was a murder-suicide. I thought he’d just been sick. (Troutman). *smh* It’s gonna take a lot for me to remember the answer to some of these questions, but I’ll try.

  4. Ariya says:

    Heh, Celine will most people’s skin crawl.

  5. Ariya says:

    Uh, EJ… Tribe Called Quest reformed last year…The Reunion Album’s expected this year sometime…

  6. Music Meme

    A Music Meme Via EJ who got it from a bunch of other folks… First Record[s] Bought: Diana Ross, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Frankie Valley’s Grease (Vinyl 45) . First Album Bought: Paul McCartney’s “Tug of War,” Paul…

  7. musicmeme

    First Record[s] Bought: Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and SWV’s New Beginning.
    First Concert: I saw Patti LaBelle at Kings Dominion back in the day. Does that count?

  8. it goes on and on…as promised here it tis

    this is in no way complete…just wanted to get it out there cuz i told EJ i would 😉 First Record[s] Bought: 45 – when doves cry First Album Bought: Thriller & The Ohio Players First Concert: run-dmc madison square…

  9. DebWire says:

    Meme: Musical Survey

    Just because EJ and others did it . . .
    First Record[s] Bought: “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross on 45. Parents wouldn’t let me get “Love To Love You Baby” by Donna Summer (yet).
    First Album Bought: Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack.

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