friday melodies x.

fridays melodies x.

Can we talk?

I haven’t blogged the entire week because I’ve been in a pretty down mood, with
my work assignment in danger of ending on Friday the 13th with no hope of a
followup gig. I’m happy to say that it’s been confirmed that EJ will not need
to be workin’ at the car wash. Of course this also means that I need to catch
up to sending some CDs out (I’m sure the Burn-It people aren’t
happy with me right now), send gifts out to some wonderful people, blog
about the Prince concert
, and let you know what’s going on in this head
of mine.

1. Anita Baker’s album, My Everything, comes out on September
7th. If you’re an Anita Baker fan, pre-order
the album now
. The first two tracks on this selection are two of the songs
that stuck with me.
2. On the other side of the coin, Jazzanova’s …Mixing
was released this summer. It’s a very different vibe and a great CD in and of
itself. Three tracks here are from that CD.
3. George Michael’s album Patience
was recommended
by the lovely Cecily
and I was slow in picking it up.
4. Res? Sister
said so.
5. After hearing Beverley
with Jamiroquai,
I wondered when
I would hear more from her
. I found out she had one album out, but I didn’t
pick it up. Talk about missing the train! Her fourth
(yes fourth) album, Affirmation, came out this summer also.

Close your eyes and count to 10…
Friday X

01. Anita Baker – Close Your Eyes.
02. Anita Baker – You’re My Everything.
03. Eddie Jackson – You Make Me Want to Smile Again. From
Red Star Sounds, Volume 1: Soul Searching.

04. Aya – Do What You Want.
05. Res – Ice King.
06. George Michael – Cars and Trains.
07. Beverley Knight – Salvador.
08. Don Scribbs – When Your Ups Are Down. Also from Red Star Sounds.
09. Jazzanova – Dance The Dance (AtJazz Remix).
10. Res – Let Love.
11. Angela Winbush – Treat U Rite. Back to the old school. Production
by Chuckii
12. Baby Blue featuring Glenn Lewis – Hot Girl.
13. Jazzanova featuring Nicola Kramer, Clara
, and Georg Levin – Let Your Heart Be Free. A remake of a Patrice
Rushen tune.
14. Beverley Knight – Keep This Fire Burning.
15. Sirius Mo – U-Again. Also from …Mixing.
16. George Michael – Flawless (Go To The City). I saw the
video and thought it was hilarious.
17. Beverley Knight – Come As You Are.

Let your heart be free.

It’a all about George Michael’s video– and his most famous quote from this song (sung twice – lyrics here).

8 comments on “friday melodies x.

  1. Tai says:

    How did you cop the first two tracks??!!! I am a major Anita Baker fan. She’s back….She’s back

  2. Anitra says:

    You rock, EJ. I’m glad the job situation is looking up. *hug*
    Your arby rocks too. Can’t have too much Anitra – I mean, Anita – Baker. 🙂

  3. al says:

    fyi – the burn it folks aren’t just pissed with you. welcome to the tardy club bruh.

  4. Ryan says:

    feel better ej…get some rest.
    glad to hear that the job situation is looking up–i think i may have a possible, potential offer to teach high school in small nyc suburb…:)
    once i get confirmation that ill be coming back for a second interview, ill email you about dont want to jinx it.

  5. lis says:

    Man if I ever need to know something about music, do I not know where to go?! Are you burinin…? I need the hook up! As for now – let me go pull out my Res CD! (thanks for reminding me!)
    Have a good weekend EJ!

  6. Ariya says:

    Nice tunes as usual EJ- especially the nice additions of the G.M. tracks.

  7. Rogue says:

    I think down moods are going around. I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Ryan Canty says:

    FLAWLESS the video: GENIUS! george michael is severe! lololololol! 🙂

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