friday melodies ix.

It’s a feel-good vibe I have for you this weekend.

Friday IX

01. Central Living- Inside. It’s from Bare
Essentials, Volume Two
. Central Living’s vocalist, Lisa Shaw, can be heard everywhere, most notably with Miguel Migs.
02. Beanfield with Bajka- Home. From Seek.
03. Blue 6 – Music and Wine (Th’ Attaboy Vocal). From Bare
Essentials, Volume One

04. Slave – Just a Touch of Love. Air bass. That’s
all I’m sayin’
05. Groove Collective- Everything is Changing (Swag Mix). A great instrumental, also
from Bare
Essentials, Volume One
. Almost
06. Madvillain Featuring Stacy Epps – Eye. The absorption from this
album comes from Mister JT
and Trent, who’ve
both listed it as one
of the
finest albums, if not one of the most innovative, so
far this year
. I’m feelin’ it.
07. Aquanote – All Over You. Because I’m feeling Naked Music and their
vibes these days. Also from Bare Essentials, Volume 2.
08. A Tribe Called Quest- Go Ahead In The Rain. From People’s
Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm
09. Madvillain – Curls.
10. Loose Ends – Love’s Got Me. From Look
How Long
, Loose Ends’ final CD. Feelin’ a little funky.
11. Adriana Evans – Trippin’.
12. Towa Tei with Bahamadia and Viv. Happy. From Sound
. Someone
else was on the Bahamadia tip
, so I had to pull this one out.
13. Kid N’ Play – Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody. Old school hip hop, part
14. Lewis Taylor – Madman. From stoned,
part II
15. Power Station – Some Like It Hot. If not air bass, then definitely

Just a touch of love. A little bit.

7 comments on “friday melodies ix.

  1. Carla says:

    hmmm, I need to step up my listening game. You’re really springin’ ’em on me. Some artist and songs I haven’t heard up. Now Kid ‘N Play I didn’t expect to see. LOL
    I hope you’re having a good day!

  2. Fresh! says:

    I’m likin’ your blog…everything about it. Came via Lis’ spot. Keep up the good work.
    -> F!

  3. lis says:

    i gasped when I spied Kid’N’Play!
    Have a great weekend my friend!

  4. Hopluv says:

    Loose Ends, nuf said!

  5. Ryan Canty says:

    POWER STATION: *screaming like a little girl* oooh….i LOVE the power station robert p and select members of duran duran (they took the original drummer with them for this group right….i thought he was SO sexy back then)
    side note: most of the duran duran members actually aged decently,no?

  6. bilal says:

    Hey EJ, checking you man and you are looking good. Just wanted let you know I am feeling your journal.

  7. gwen says:

    Ryan, Duran’s drummer was Roger “Swoon” Taylor, who left the band to live on his sheep farm or something shortly after they commercially peaked. Power Station was bassist John Taylor (no relation) and guitarist Andy Taylor (no relation either), Robert Palmer, and drummer Tony Thompson from Chic (who’s an African-American, not a white Brit).
    And, yeah, I’d still run off with Simon LeBon.

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