bakers dozen three

Great album!

Baker’s Dozen, Volume III. From KB’s

1. Preparing myself for working two gigs at the same time when I was worried
about not having any just one week ago….50% bliss, 50% anxiety.
2. 12 hour work days for the next month….see above.
3. Cerrone won’t stay out of my head.
4. Must…send…Burn It…CDs….out……
5. Why watch the Olympics when I could live vicariously through
everyone else
around me?
6. Desperately trying to get Prince out of draft mode and publish.
7. MT
Blacklist for MovableType version 3
? Heaven.
8. When instant messenger sessions on Sunday revolve around Mark
, TaMara
and the Seen
, and Dez
"Modernaire", who needs to get out of the chair in
the evening?
9. There’s this whirlwind called Multiply
I’m being sucked into…
10. Like JT, also pulled into those
other conversations and nigritude
. Might as well make it three and pull
down "Where You’re At…" Who says blogwatching doesn’t pay?
11. Being fixated on The
First $20 Million Is Always The Hardest
. I can’t help that I’m a technogeek.
12. Successful sleep-inducing technique: think about cooking. Imagine all the
steps it would take to cook something palatable. Think about how people would
receive the meal. Lay down instead.

6 comments on “bakers dozen three

  1. Ta Mara & The Seen! Yes! That first LP (damn, I forgot all about Blueberry Gossip) was the funkiest $#!+ Jesse ever came up with! Better than his own stuff! We all know “Everybody Dance,” but how about, “Thinking About You” and “Summertime Love!”
    Oh man, Dez Dickerson and the Modernaires!!! I think I need to go in the studio and recreate that song and let it loose on the web! I can’t believe no one has a bootleg of that!
    And regarding you previous post, and your defense of Pandemonium, don’t work too hard, “Jerk Out” hit number one on the charts (I think)! When you get some time check THIS out!
    Oh, does anyone remember Jesse’s other group, Da Krash? Don’t worry, they flopped! LOL

  2. Monkie says:

    Ok… I’m trying out this typekey thing, though I have no idea why as I’m seriously contemplating moving away from MT (more on that later). But uh ruh… congrats on the gig dealie (in spite of the anxiety). Mad @ you for not telling me. 😉

  3. Fresh! says:

    Yeah, I remember daKrash…got it on cassette…you know they morphed into Kool Skool, righ…got it on CD…”Mercy Mercy Me” LOL!!! The Time website is bangin!!! I have to add that to my site…
    PS: E, Ima get u on the meme….I haven’t forgotten

  4. KB says:

    So which job is the anxiety and which is blissful? OK, I’ll take blame for Cerrone. Hehe. No comment on my Burn It CD. I continue to wait…
    Thanks for Playing!

  5. lis says:

    yes yes yes … 😉 tamara (right on E!)

  6. the dodoman says:

    could anybody help me get a copy of monderaire,please help

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