bakers dozen ii

Great album!

Baker’s Dozen, Volume II. Showing love to KB.

From his Bakers

1. You know, on Friday the 13th, I’ll have really good luck or really bad luck.
Still need that new gig.
2. Practicing for McDonalds, in case another gig is unattainable. "Hello,
this is EJ, welcome to McDonalds. Would you like to try my burger?"
3. 3AM on Friday night, Swirlspice
and I are having drinks, and all the while she’s saying how she would love to
pinch my cheeks.
4. Pinching cheeks. All the more reason to have a webcam. I’m jus’ sayin’.
5. I’m so Blackalicious
thanks to an Esoteric
6. Enigma says: EJ is a closet
___________. (Fill in the blank).
7. The Village?
I wasn’t pleased nor displeased. Loved
Bryce Dallas Howard
, though.
8. Look at the pretty weights. I should use these, you know.
9. Magic
? Lisa Hamilton, seriously. Framing the email now, Lisa. Much love.
10. Is there an Aquateen
Hunger Force Anonymous
group anywhere?
11. I’m officially a cartoon-head. ATHF, Family
, and now Justice
League Unlimited.

12. EJ the DJ? Has a nice ring to it.

8 comments on “bakers dozen ii

  1. alboogie says:

    JLU is the bomb!!

  2. Enigma says:

    hey mr ej play my song…

  3. Jason T. says:

    How could I have missed the first episode of JLU? I’m so mad at myself.

  4. Ariya says:

    Welcome to Toonheadville EJ LOL. I watch Cartoon Network more than the network news these days. ATHF is definitely one of my favorite cartoons, along with Sealab 2021, Family Guy.
    I also watch the anime which comes on Saturdays. It might be worth your while to TIVO them if you get the chance. My personal favorites are Cowboy Beboy & Inuyasha. Wolf’s Rain is growing on me. And I also catch a few of the kiddie cartoons: Courage the Cowardly Dog and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy which comes on during the week.
    ATHF won’t be showing during the week on Adult Swim anymore – but it will still be on Sundays. They’ve replaced the ATHF rotation with Sealab 2021. Sealab’s pretty funny too. There’s a fan site for ATHF at that I went to once…(yes I’m that much of a nerd that I know.) It has audio clips, video clips, and other goodies. I love most of the characters on there. One of my favorite episodes is “The Cloning” – with the “This is your left” song.

  5. Erica says:

    Heh. DJ EJ. *pinch your cheeks*

  6. ronn says:

    DJ ej? Nah!! I still prefer DJ Swole.
    (thx for the nice surprise Papi!!)

  7. Ryan Canty says:

    dj swole? hmm…WAAAY too many connotations with that.
    i like DJ EJ–but i am SO not kissing you if you throw down a good set..sorry not gonna happen NO! 🙂
    number 11: you need to add Cowboy Bebop, Aeon Flux (and yes charlize theron will be Aeon in summer 2005 feature film) to your list too..i know you watch the cartoon network and im sure they’ve shown the cowboy bebop series countless times. 🙂

  8. KB says:

    6. HETERO!!!
    Hey, I’d be honored to play a set with EJ the DJ anytime. Talk about an eclectic mix!
    Thanks for playing!

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