sometimes i copy blogs….

8 comments on “sometimes i copy blogs….

  1. Timi says:

    This dude Khary is the King of Thieves. He deserves to be put on blast.

  2. KB says:

    Who knew there were blog reruns and syndications?

  3. The Eyes of the Blogosphere Are Watching You

    I can understand stealing designs. Hell, there’s only so many ways you can code the HTML and CSS to make it look how you want, especially with blogs. But when you steal words? Oh heck nah…that don’t fly, player. Khary? You busted dude. As we all lear…

  4. Carla says:

    Thanks for informing us of Khary. He is such LOSER!

  5. Pauly D says:

    Stealing is bad. Unless you can’t get caught.

  6. ZuriNayeem says:

    are mofos THIS uninspired and bored stealing from others..???
    this is REALLY wack–and sad.

  7. Berry says:

    Dang, that’s just wrong!

  8. ronn says:

    Hmmmm, it seems Khary doesn’t limit the stealing to just j. either * (a profile of Kimora Lee Simmons from Air Massive).
    * … Stealing from sh*tty EUR has to be classified as a lower than low. But stealing Goddess Cho‘s “Fuck-it Diet” is a sin.

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