midweek rambling: the ‘ings’

Throw away yesterday / Today is a brand new day
-Sia, The Church of What’s Happening Now, Colour the Small One.
I’m searching. I’m looking for another gig. I mentioned that contracting is good for quickies but you know what? It’s absolutely bad for seeking a permanent gig. While I haven’t gone postal yet, if you see me wandering about the streets with a suit on, wrinkled paper in hand, foaming at the mouth, and babbling words, then just direct me to an employment agency. Remember, technical architects can be your friend too. Four words: resume. available. upon. request.
I’m travelling. Despite all that’s going on the homefront, I’m still heading to New York City this weekend, even after having to change my flight twice. If you happen to be in the area during the weekend, drop me a line. There’s a meetup brewing. Don’t sleep. Doesn’t look like I will.
I’m reading. You would think I would read books right? Well this time I have an excuse. What do I do during rest time? I sit and read Bloglines all damned day like a neverending story. I’m known as the blog stalker ho enthusiast. Trying to keep the blog limit to 200 is my ongoing quest.
I’m still celebrating. You should too. All Cancer birthdays rule. Thanks for all of the emails/IMs/phone calls. If you’re thinking ‘what can I give the man that has everything’, then I’ve got one answer for you: An ipod.