friday melodies viii.

I’m up late at night workin’ and I have to stay awake. Good thing music’s keeping
me up. Yesterday as I went to the record store to purchase a couple of new CDs,
two interesting things happened:

1. Trina Broussard was playing;
2. Incognito’s new CD had just arrived.

Trina Broussard’s most familiar song was on the Love
soundtrack – a remake of the Minnie
song Inside My Love. Although the song is not
on her new CD, The Same Girl, the album is not a dissapointment. Three songs
are included here for your listenin’ pleasure.

back with the CD Adventures
in Black Sunshine
, this time with Maysa
on seven tracks. Needless to say, I’m very impressed with the CD. Hope you will
be too.

Friday VIII

01. Trina Broussard – No Way Out.
02. Aquanote – True Love.
03. Incognito – Don’t Turn My Love Away.
04. Trina Broussard – These Are The Days.
05. Incognito – The World Is Mine.
06. Magic Number – Everyday (Instrumental).
07. Trina Broussard – Joy.
08. Walter Jones – GC’s Theme (Instrumental). from Lounge
Candelas Version II
, also released this week.
09. New Birth – It’s Been A Long Time. The wayback machine was stuck
in front of me for a sec.
10. Incognito – Listen to the Music.
11. Incognito – True To Myself.
12. Aquanote – Come Around.
13. Mocca Soul – Deep Sea So Blue. Soul || Soul anyone?
14. Cee Lo – Evening News (featuring Chazzle and Sir Cognac). You
know how I do

Let the sunshine in.

8 comments on “friday melodies viii.

  1. Deb says:

    Wow — never heard Aquanote’s “True Love” before. Awesome. It’s now on my list of “must haves.” Got to get Incognito’s new one too. Great playlist this week. 🙂

  2. Carla says:

    Are you a DJ? Or are you just a collector of great music? *Smile* Thanks for the playlist. I need to get started on listening to these.

  3. Hopluv says:

    I love Maysa!!! incredible talent!

  4. wood says:

    I just got incognito as well. Maysa is great on this cd. I also been vibbing to Trina Broussard for the past 2 weeks. Are you going to the show tonight?

  5. lynne says:

    New Birth – got damned – you done started something now. That’s an underrated old skool group right there. And it’s funny, b/c their music has been sampled like mad.

  6. saturday :: blah

    For some reason, I was not in the mood for this weekend. On the work front, I have plenty to do this weekend. Some things which I should have done last night, but did not. I am doing them now, while I can. Tomorrow is the first of the month….

  7. rocka says:

    Its funny that you mentioned the New Birth… I remember when I was a child,when we would take family trips my father would play their ‘Fly, Robin, Fly’ song on the tape deck. I as always wondering where the hell the robin was flying…
    That brings back fond memories…

  8. James says:

    I cannot wait to receive the new Incognito album next week.

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