friday melodies vii.

I’m trying to elevate myself out of the stress that is work to hang out in
New York City with the cool people this weekend. I find myself needing to be
more mellow and less postal.

In my mind:

1. The blogpham is scheduled to hang in NYC on Sunday. Want to hang? Email me
and/or stay tuned to this site as things develop.
2. I got inundated with spam so some comments got deleted inadvertedly (memo
to Six Apart: bring back MT Blacklist!) I’m restoring the comments from previous
posts, but it’s a lot of cutting and pasting. Don’t worry, the love is there,
even if you can’t see it.
3. I’ve got three double plays in this arby:
You’ll see two cuts from Brigette McWilliams. When the album came out, J.
bought Take
Advantage of Me
and played it nonstop, and of course I had to purchase it, its tunes etched into
my brain forevermore. It didn’t stay in my house long, floating away like half
of my collection always seemed to. He had it in his hands again a week ago,
and of course I had to spin it.
4. I now have the Magic
CD That
, and it’s my favorite Neo Soul, Electronica, mellow groove CD so far
this year. Seeing it sell out at the record store not once but twice made me
feel good about getting one of the first 5 to enter into the store. I feel a
review coming on.
5. Who dropped the knowledge ’bout Miguel
? Jason T aka NegroPlease,
and being in the mellow mood, I had to pick it up again and spin it around.

Friday VII

01. Brigette
Cherish This Love. A cut from a decade ago.
02. D’Influence
Shake It.
03. Magic Number – Suddenly.
04. Miguel Migs – One Wish For Me.
05. Magic Number- Fly Away.
06. Alexander O’Neal – What Is This Thing Called Love? Minneapolis
old school still in effect.
07. Don Blackman – Holding You, Loving You. From Another
Late Night
08. Miguel Migs – The One.
09. Brigette Williams – No Groove Sweating. A Marvin Gaye vibe in full
10. Miguel Migs – Soul Vibe. Speeding it up a little.
11. After 7 – No Better Love.
12. Cameo – Skin I’m In.
13. Blackalicious – Green Light: Now Begin. Still movin’. Still groovin’.
14. Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away.
15. Heart – There’s The Girl. Nothin’ wrong with a little pop rock
to end it off.

Green Light: Now Begin.

9 comments on “friday melodies vii.

  1. Put one more tune from my collection in your with “love” in the title and we’re gonna battle!
    Just saying.

  2. Michelle says:

    The new version of MT-Blacklist should be out soon since Jay Allen just won the Six Apart developers contest with it.
    In case you missed my note on comment spam over at On a path let me say that since renaming mt-comment and editing the mt.cfg file I haven’t had a single piece of comment spam and I was averaging 5 on light days and 20 on heavy ones. I highly recommend that course of action in addition to the blacklist and comment moderation.

  3. KB says:

    You on the love tip today too? I just realized the first have of my arby is about the lovin. There’s some about flying away too. Hmm….
    See you in the NYC soon!

  4. Friday Melodies VII

    It’s a dreary, rainy Friday here. I’m looking forward to the weekend for various reasons, including Sunday, my Official Day of Rest. When the weather is gloomy like this I have to focus on two things to keep my spirits…

  5. Michael says:

    Miguel Migs is the man. That CD has stayed in my rotation for the longest time. And good looking on the D’Influence, another of my favorite groups. I’ll be burning up your bandwidth this weekend. 🙂

  6. Ariya says:

    You always have something new and interesting music on this site, EJ. It’s keeping me on my toes…and my music addiction alive! I just picked up Aya’s CD which is unbelievably good. Her cd will be in heavy rotation on my stereo for a few weeks or more. Now you’ve got me on the look out for the other songstresses/sirens who will be releasing albums on Naked Music’s label.

  7. Enigma says:

    how u gon have a fav cd so far this year and not tell me about it? *hmpf*

  8. Summertime

    A few years ago I had a recurring daydream. I was in a convertible on a long winding country road. It was a beautiful, bright, sunny day and in each dream I’d lay back (sometimes with my bare feet up)…

  9. “No Better Love” Kevon Edmond’s unofficial solo debut! After hearing and adoring this After7 song, I began the ten year wait for 24/7, his actual debut CD. Thanks EJ!

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