friday melodies vi.

It’s my birthday weekend and I’ll do what I want.

Right now, I’m:

….looking at bukknekkid
. (I’m still laughing, Ofrenda)!
….being Blackalicious.
Someone please, please tell me how I slept on them (Trent?
Tito? JT? Hashim?) I’m trying
to understand just how I haven’t heard any of their stuff until
I saw the video for Make You Feel That Way on MTV2 not one
month ago? Have I lost my hip-hop badge of honor? Although The
The Tipping Point just came out, I’m gravitating
more towards Blazing Arrow right now.
…listening to Lizz Wright
and Blackalicious (Thanks, Sister Outsider).
…getting hip to Sia,
thanks to Mister JT’s voice
in my ear
. After one listen, I’m thinking this will be going into serious
rotation this year.
…bobbing my head to Uschi
. The CD Soul Magic was played by D-Nice and all of a sudden, it
was in my hands, along with hearing the echo of the words ‘Happy Birthday’.
Big ups to Mood’s Music.

Friday VI

01 – Uschi Classen with Dee Ellington – Soul Magic. From the CD of
the same name.
02 – Blackalicious – Nowhere Fast. You know, there’s so much good stuff
on this album I’m warning you now, this will be on heavy rotation for a good
03 – Tortured Soul – I Might Do Something Wrong. Yes, them again. Again
— who’s birthday?
04 – Beanfield
f. Bajka – Home. A track from the album Seek.

05 – Uschi Classen with Eska – Dizzy Heights.
06 – The Roots – Star. From The Tipping Point. My
next purchase? A Sly Stone compilation.
07 – Blackalicious – Rock The Spot. My anthem for this weekend.
08 – Hil
St. Soul
For Your Love. This is the where I break it down into
a feel good mood. I’m an 80s kid. J-Notes can relate.
09 – Teedra Moses
– Be Your Girl. Comparisons to Cherrelle have been made. More new-school combined
with old-school.
10 – MJ Cole with Shaun Escoffery – Nice and Slow. From HoneyForOshun.
Huge, huge thanks.
11 – Sia – Natalie’s Song.
12 – Lizz Wright – Lead the Way.
13 – Sia – The Church of What’s Happening Now.

Let it soak. Show love.

EDIT 1: I didn’t know to expect this for my birthday though. Dedicated to Prime of course.

EDIT 2: And then there were two: Deb brings the music on my birthday, and then of course S-Train brings hip-hop to the forefront with his Volume 2. Now if only I could get CDs from these guys!

EDIT 3: Queen Sexy’s in the house. She needs to be acknowledged.

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    The playlist is …

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