friday melodies v.

Note to Eric
1. You’re fly and you’re songs are very nice, this is true.
2. I don’t blame you for the holdup of your money, but mentioning it more than
once is a little disconcerting.
3. When your performance is delayed for 2 hours, please just sing the songs.
Improvisation after midnight for people who’ve been waiting for you to perform
is not the move. Luckily I was hanging with the Double
, otherwise I would have left sooner.

I’ve often thought of radio blogs and how they interact. Interesting view about
(via Anil’s Daily Links
from July 7th.). Big ups to Trader

I wanted to mention my feelings about Fahrenheit 9/11, but somone else echoed
my sentiment

Enough typing. Time to groove. Flavors
Friday V

01 – Aquanote – Nowhere (Crazy P Remix). Should I tell you what the
P stands for? Naaah. Find out for yourself.
02 – Arvid and Ernesto – Try. Nice remix from Bare
Essentials, Volume 2
03 – Angie Stone – Lovers Ghetto. From Stone
. Big ups to Girlwonder.

04 – Eric Roberson – Please Don’t Leave Me. He exhibited a great, albeit
extended, performance of this song.
05 – Kiss
The Sky
Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me. Where’s Paul
and Jaki
these days?
06 – DJ Stef
with Rahsaan Ahmed – Floorwax. From Sunset
. iTunes is destined to make me go broke. Big ups to George.
Thanks for the
07 – Digital Underground – Kiss You Back – From Sons
of the P
08 – Outkast (Dre 3000) – She Lives In My Lap. Come on now, you knew
it was coming, right?
09 – Kelis – Perfect Day. From Wanderworld.
I love No Doubt.

10 – Rufus featuring Chaka Khan – At Midnight (My Love Will Lift You Up).
11 – Erykah Badu – Cleva. From Mama’s
12 – Soul II Soul – Fairplay. Featuring Rose
. (R.I.P.)
13 – Eric Roberson – Rock With You (Remix). I would have loved to have
heard that, but a man has to jet, you know?

Push it along.

10 comments on “friday melodies v.

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  3. Ariya says:

    nice tuneage as usual, e.j.

  4. Carla says:

    Based on most of the songs on your list, I need to update my daily rotation. Perhaps, I’ll find me a favorite. I’m sure I will though.

  5. Jason T. says:

    outside of Eric Roberson, who I know nothing about, this looks like a mix I might make.
    I approve.

  6. KB says:

    Uh no, he didn’t! EJ did not just hit me with DU, Kiss the Sky, and the only Outkast song I’ve been playing on the daily! “Kiss You Back” man? Aw no…
    You just want me to come off my Arby intermission, don’t you? Keep raising da game, boy-boy…

  7. Berry says:

    I am feeling your groove tonight! 🙂

  8. S-Train says:

    My jams on that Kiss The Sky release was “So Easy” and “Same Place, Same Time”… Brings back memories of my lady and I at the park…

  9. MsThing says:

    OMG!!! I was TOO THROUGH with Eric after he came on stage and put ThePromoter on blast! Completely un-called for.
    I was tired as shyt waiting for him to FINALLY take the stage. All was forgiven after a few notes though.
    I am SO happy I chose to attend that show. Raheem DeVaughn made it worthwhile too.

  10. Timi says:

    I’m loving the playlist. I need to update my own radio blog. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Thanks for the birthday wish :).

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