friday melodies iv.

The month of July, and it’s my month. Let’s all celebrate it like a national
You should have started it off with Nova.
Let’s continue on with Flavors
Friday IV

01 – Terror Squad – Lean Back [Uncut Version]. Because someone
us with the hotness
, you know?
02 – Blackalicious
Make You Feel That Way. From Blazing Arrow. I saw
the video on MTV2 and was instantly hooked.
03 – Aya
Uptown. This comes from her album Strange Flower.
Janet Jackson-esque? You decide.
04 – Donnie
Rocketship. One of my favorites from his CD, The Colored
Special request from the Fly
around the way.
05 – Eric Roberson
Past Paradise – From The Vault, Vol 1.5.
06 – SweetbackJesus
. From the new release Stage [2]. I did my
take of it
. It’s all about Chocolate
07 – Shaun
Space Rider (DJ Spinna Mix). From Soulonica.
08 – Brandy – Should
I Go? From Afrodisiac. Girlwonder
did her
take on it
. I’m not yet impressed. I do like this cut, which uses Coldplay’s Clocks rather beautifully.
09 – Eric Roberson – Lil’ Money.
10 – Donnie – Turn Around.
11 – Sweetback – Lover. featured by Aya. It’s still haunting me.
12 – Sweetback – Circles. It’s very safe to say that this is my favorite
song right now, and one of the top ones so far this year. If you see me walking
around playing air guitar, you’ll understand why.
13 – MaktubThen
We’ll Know
. From Khronos. Some
enigmatic lady
turned me
to them and had a couple of things to say about them.
14 – Vikter
I’ll Do It For You. I went and saw his show at MJQ.
He’s a very nice guy.
15 – Brandy – Afrodisiac. The title track.

Carry on.

5 comments on “friday melodies iv.

  1. yea new music and mostly songs i’ve never heard. listening to blackalicious now. me likes

  2. MsThing says:

    DJ EJ, you ROCK! Thanks for adding Donnie to this week’s mix. I think I’ll go to Little 5 Points and the Thrift Store to see if I can catch a glimpse of him this weekend.
    July is ALL about you! Work it.

  3. nOva says:

    Yes, I meant to discuss Eric with you. “Don’t Change for Me” is the shizzle, and his work with Musiq, Carl and Jill is something to be reckoned with.

  4. Well, I’m a jet fuel genius – I solve all the world’s problems with out even tryin’…

    i was deep deep in some serious XHTML compliance when the sound bite whizzed past, so i can pass along is the general idea of it — the president seems to think that the murderous mindset can’t operate in a free democracy. ooh, i think somebody’s not p…

  5. James says:

    Interesting choices. I guess I have some listening to do.

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