bakers dozen

The best way to describe the weekend is to use the ever so convenient stylings
of KB’s
KB and EJ, the macksters via Invisikat.

1. Getting denied a day off.
2. Planes departing later than they’re supposed to.
3. Having dinner with Ewedontno and Phillipe
which makes up for having a bad day.
4. The Three Musketeers transforming into the three hos: Blog
, Veggie Ho,
and Mac
5. Rockin’ at The Roots
6. Wishing Medeski,
Martin, and Wood
would stop speeding their tunes up and attempt to cause a
migraine. Much better when mellow.
7. Making plans to meet up the next time and really do the right thing which is
to go to the rekkasto. Not enough time with them, most definitely.
8. Getting on the wrong trains in NYC on Sunday while trying to make it to Churrascaria
and being 30 minutes late.
9. Having only 1 hour to eat and talk with P6,
Bejata, Ronntaylor,
Lynne d Johnson,
Anzi, and Steven
G. Fullwood
10. Hating the fact that I wasn’t able to have one more drink, two more hours,
and three more helpings of food, easily.
11. Wondering if we’ll ever see Trent
or Trayc, but didn’t even get to
see Hashim or Louis
this time.
12. Hate the fact that I didn’t get home until 1am due to bad weather, and ended up working all night until 7am.
13. Thinking that I will definitely be doing this again in the fall.

8 comments on “bakers dozen

  1. ZuriNayeem says:

    glad you had a good time when you were here..and didnt bother to call and say hello *throwing up a fierce shade screen in front the computer screen*
    🙂 hehehehe
    seriously–im mad i missed you this weekend. you shoulda came uptown for the picnic i was volunteering WOULD have had some damn good dominican food and wouldnt have been meals..
    but definitely let me know when you are in town again and i will definitely be around for it (if you’re in town in october, my birthday is october 4th, 1975 and any new labtops/computers would be a FIERCE addition to my bachelor (and i STRESS the word bachelor per our convo earlier today!:)) pad in hte city!)

  2. Enigma says:

    see i dun toldt u, that u 2 hos in my stable! u cain’t go trynta ho me.
    bring huggy bear…er.. mike wif u if u can get him away from the home theatre.

  3. lynne says:

    it was great seeing you again. but between yesterday and the last time i was in ATL – we didn’t really get to “spend time” like we usually do. i’m also sorry i didn’t bring my camera again. donald took an abundance of photos, but i’m sure we won’t see them anytime soon. and i need to backchannel with you on the IM to get some personal info so i can send this thing i have for ya. i know how to drive there, but lord knows i can’t tell you what it’s number or street is anymore.

  4. Carla says:

    It seems your weekend was busy. No wonder you were up so late when I messaged you. I hope you were productive in getting your work done or close to it.

  5. ronn says:

    Why we didn’t schedule our meetup for Saturday, I don’t know. It would have been great to visit Steven at the Harlem Book Fair and then some home cooking at Amy Ruth’s. Next time Papi, next time.
    Altho it was a quickie, it was still great to see you in the flesh and to get one of your bear hugs. Next time bring Mike cuz who knows when I’ll make it to the D.I.C.

  6. stevie says:

    Awww, our hour with you was special. now when I get to ATL in September, we’ll have longer!

  7. Hashim says:

    sorry, man. I had church that day. Plus I was broke as a joke.

  8. angelique says:

    happy belated birthday, ej!!!!
    i’m glad you had a swingin’ in the nyc;) i wish i could’ve been there. *sigh*

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