music of the millenium, volume i

Man, this music of the millenium was a tough one, I won’t lie. Coming up with
this was a challenge. Couldn’t let that stop me. Who’s house?! Why, Trent
and JT’s
house of course. The originator? Another blog of flavah I’m
So Sinsurr

Putting these into order from least-favorite to favorite would be very difficult
and cause my brain to explode, so there’s no particular order here. That said:

20 Anthony Hamilton – Coming Where I Come From (2003/Columbia)
19 Beady Belle – CEWBEAGAPPIC (2003/Universal)
18 Lewis Taylor – stoned | part i (2003/Slow Reality)
17 Amp Fiddler – Waltz of a Ghetto Fly (2004/Pias America)
16 Donnie – The Colored Section (2002/Motown)
15 Erykah Badu – Worldwide Underground (2003/Motown)
14 Koop – Waltz for Koop (2001/ Cookin’)
13 Jamiroquai – A Funk Oddysey (2001/Sony)
12 Lisa Stansfield – Face Up: (2001/BMG International)
11 Zero 7 – Simple Things (2001/ Palm Pictures)
10 The Roots – Phrenology (2002/MCA)
09 Erykah Badu – Mama’s Gun (2000/Kedar)
08 Beady Belle – Home (2001/Universal Int’l)
07 Goapele – Even Closer (2002/Red Urban Records)
06 Big Boi of Outkast – Speakerboxx (2003/LaFace)
05 Jill Scott – Who Is Jill Scott? – Words and Sounds, Volume I
(2000/Hidden Beach/Sony)
04 Van Hunt (2004/Capitol)
03 Dre of Outkast- The Love Below (2003/LaFace)
02 Maysa – All My Life (2000/Encoded Music)
01 Morcheeba – Charango (2002/Warner Bros)

I excluded compilations, since I felt I needed to be more artist-based. I also
thought about excluding 2004, but considering we’re halfway through this year,
I was able to pull out a few that I’m sure would make the top 5 come December.
Cee-lo may indeed make it; we’re halfway through this year so I’m sure he’s
still in the running. Basement Jaxx’s Kish Kash and Outkast’s Stankonia are both runner-ups. Musicology is in my vision as well, definitely for this year at least.

Beady Belle is being slept on, but who am I to talk? Between the madmen and now madwoman, I have a lot of purchasing to do.

2 from 2004
6 from 2003
4 from 2002
5 from 2001
3 from 2000

5 male artists
6 female artists
9 groups

Be warned: exponent is being revamped as we speak. Brother’s workin’ under the covers right now and I’m calling in the posse….

11 comments on “music of the millenium, volume i

  1. Enigma says:

    u make me sick always makin’ me do these damn…. wait, i got u to do this one. so um nevermind. we’re sharing a couple, at least we will if i can get to 20.

  2. My Top 20 of This Millenium

    Last week I said I had a new task that I wasn’t sure I could complete. Well I’ve completed it… kinda. I made a list of the cds I’ve heard since 2000 that I’ve liked. It wasn’t even 25 cds….

  3. Monkie says:

    Stuff for me to check out on your list:
    Beady Belle – sadly I’ve never heard of her
    Jamiroquai – I’ve been sleeping on them since the Traveling album (too scared of being disappointed)
    Morcheeba was lil too hit or miss for me, but I’ll give it another shot now that I’m in a more musical space.

  4. KB says:

    Man, I still can’t do it. I’ll try though. Don’t be surprised if it’s more diverse than the United Nations…

  5. 20 Musical Decisions

    I’ve been too busy to rip songs for the “Black Music Month” thing today but tomorrow’s another day… especially for the ladies… We on the Cayman Islands; on a yacht wit our favorite albums – Jadakiss, We Gonna Make It…

  6. Jason says:

    Damn. I gotta break out Anthony Hamilton’s album again. It’s been a minute.
    You’re really feelin’ the Amp Fiddler joint? I haven’t heard a lick from it yet but every time I see that name I think “That’s the name of somebody who makes the hot ish.”

  7. Ariya says:

    Nice choices. I see you have KOOP on your list. Really great choice. I’m gad someone else has heard of them besides me.

  8. radio dot blog

    Recently, I’ve been obsessing over starting my own radio blog that I found out about on another blog site I recently started visiting – e.j. He recently put up his top twenty albums of the milennium list. It was…

  9. jianda says:

    HELLS yes. Would you please come to my apartment and be DJ? Thank you. 🙂

  10. MsThing says:

    This is my first visit to your spot by way of SunRay’s page. I dig your favorites list! It’s good to see another Donnie-Colored Section fan. I am playing the CD right now. I can live it down.

  11. DebWire says:

    Meme: Music Of The Millenium

    Someone recently said to me that it might be a challenge for me to find music from this millenium that I could put on my favorites list. Not really, but finding 20 has been a challenge only because I think there are more I could list here. 🙂 Here goe…

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