happy entrapment day

The conversation this morning went something like this:
Prime: Happy Entrapment Day!
EJ: Well thank you! I’ve never been imprisoned for so long!
Of course this is all in jest, but it has been quite a long time. 6 years. You would think it would be 60, considering all that’s transpired, but all that is good comes from it.
The love is everywhere, you know.
And in case you didn’t know, it was absolutely fantastic to meet Crackmonkie and her boo this past weekend. She rules, you know. Time is more of what we needed.

26 comments on “happy entrapment day

  1. Michelle says:

    Happy Entrapment Day! Many congrats to you both.

  2. James says:

    Happy Entrapment Day! Much love and many blessings to you both.

  3. chase says:

    Entrapment, indeed. But ain’t prison sweet?

  4. prime time says:

    I remember like it was just yesterday

    Six year ago today, almost about this time in the evening, I was having the time of my life…

  5. ronn says:

    Happy, Happy, Happy!!
    Wow, six whole years.

  6. Bernie says:

    We should all be so entrapped. I always say we single folk need to hear more from you old married couples so we know it’s actually possible.
    Happy Anniversary
    Happy Anniversary
    Happy Anniversary
    HA-ppy Anniversary!
    (From the Flintstones)

  7. Happy Anniversary

    I can’t let the day go by without wishing a happy six year anniversary to Mike (of Prime Time) and E. J. (of ej flavors). After reading both of their anniversary posts, I just wanted to post a little shout

  8. Junior says:

    *sniff sniff*
    My Pookie and my Mookie!!! All loved up and stuff. Ya’ll so speshull. Keep proving me and “the other youngin'” wrong with all your monogamy and whatnot.

  9. Deb says:

    Happy Anniversary/Entrapment Day to both of you!

  10. I don’t know how you did it but I’m happy you did!

  11. Monkie says:

    Happy A/E Day! Ya’all are ao crute! *muah*

  12. Anitra says:

    Happy Anniversary, you two! Or rather, Happy Entrapment Day! (for some reason, I think that’s so cute!) Six years is quite the accomplishment. 🙂

  13. Steph says:

    Hey Happy Entrapment Day! lol Much love to you and Prime!!

  14. Ariya says:

    Happy Anniversary and congrats!

  15. karsh says:

    I’m just a scoche bit late, but the love’s all the same. Happy Anniversary!

  16. thad says:

    Happy Entrapment Day. It’s the sentiment that warms a cynic’s heart.

  17. Enigma says:

    aw shit! talk about late.
    happy anniversary
    happy anniversary
    happy anniversary
    haaaaaaappy anniversary
    happy happy happy happy happy ann-i-versa-ree
    happy happy happy happy happy ann-i-versa-ree
    happy anniversary
    happy anniversary
    happy anniversary
    haaaaaaappy anniversary

  18. Intellifreak says:

    Happy anniversary…happy anniversary…happy happy happy happy…happy anniversary!

  19. IntelliFreak says:

    Happy anniversary…happy anniversary…happy happy happy happy…happy anniversary!

  20. lisa says:

    okay, i’m waaaaay late…but the sentiment is no less heartfelt. congratulations & much, much love. 🙂

  21. Carla says:

    Happy Anniversary. It is wonderful to hear how long a couple has been happy together. Take Care and much more continued happiness.

  22. Ha! I like that: entrapment day! I’ve got to use it!!!
    Happy belated day to you two! Many, many more!!!!

  23. lizard says:

    six years! many, many happy returns to the both of you together.
    the love is everywhere, indeed.

  24. anfanee says:

    *as ej holds gun to my head*
    you know it really amazes me how people stay together longer than 4 months. for you guys to last six years is very inspiring, and hope inducing. congrats.
    *counts how long i’ve been with mrs.anfanee.* 1, 5, 20…i stopped couting a long time ago.
    it’s funny that most of all(3) relationship i’ve ever was in started around this time.

  25. PatCH says:

    Isn’t entrapment grand? Six years, huh? Lucky lucky you. Happy Entrapment to both of you!

  26. deshigrrrl says:

    wow.. i’m all kinds of late, but obviously similar sentiments have been presented 20 fold here.
    happy anniversary! and yes, 6 years is way longer than i’ve ever been entrapped!
    here’s to six more!

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