friday melodies, volume iii

You know what time it is. With a birthday
coming up this weekend, I’ll get this out of the way and spread my love in one
direction, know
what I mean

Introducing Flavors
Friday, Volume III

01 – Rosie Gaines
I Can’t Get You Off My Mind. The first song on You Gave Me
, her new album which came out this year.
02 – Mica
You Can Make A Wish. Off of Contribution
and The Best of Mica Paris. Contribution was one of her finest
albums and yet it was slept on. ‘Sup with that?
03 – Tortured Soul
If You Want to Feel Alright. Possibly the best classic house albums I’ve
heard so far this year comes from those three.
04 – The
Real Thing
Rainin’ Through My Sunshine. A cut from Jamiroquai’s
Night Tales
05 – Jamiroquai
Mr. Moon. From the second CD, Return of the Space Cowboy.
06 – Big Brooklyn Red
Time. He was on Showtime At The Apollo, and is now present on several
07 – AmerieNeed
You Tonight
. Now the CD was pretty good, and unique for it’s time. This
is one of the cuts that won’t stay out of my head. Check the bass.
08 – Lina
Waiting. From Stranger
on Earth
. More neo.
09 – Lisa Stansfield
I’ve Got Something Better. From last year’s Face
10 – Michael Franks
Now I Know Why They Call It Falling. From Skin
. Sometimes I get into the old school new age mood.
11 – GoapeleGot It. From Even
12 – Santessa
Nighttimes. From Delirium.
Album produced by Stuart
of Sade and Sweetback.
13 – Satoshi TomiieHeaven
– D’Influence Remix
. From Chocolate
. A mellow drum-and-bass remix. Absolutely.
14 – Blackbyrds
Walking In Rhythm. If you were growing up in the 70s, then this should
be a staple.
15 – Adriana EvansI Hear Music.
From the just-released CD Nomadic. Don’t sleep. Trader
knows what
I’m talking about
16 – Coldplay
The Scientist. Good music transcends R&B.

Everyone’s got an opinion. Your take?

12 comments on “friday melodies, volume iii

  1. a. says:

    I love Coldplay’s The Scientist!

  2. Michael says:

    Great stuff as always my man. When are you gonna quit bullshittin’ and get a job as a DJ??? You know you want to. You know you need to. 🙂 Only problem is finding a station that won’t hold you to playing the usual suspects.

  3. kevinrscott says:

    Since I don’t see Brandy’s Talk About Our Love or Michael Jackson’s Heartbreak Hotel… I’ll assume you are still editing…
    LOL! just kidding. Everyone keeps telling me Amerie’s album was good. I still haven’t even listened to it.

  4. KB says:

    Nice lineup. I’m in Primo mode over on my radio blog.

  5. MsThing says:

    Thanks for the Friday Flavors, EJ. Listening to these tunes have made my work day a little smoother. It’s good to see Amerie on the list. Her album was slept on by many.

  6. ANFANEE says:

    AMERIE’s cd was pretty good. i might put her back into rotation this weekend, and plus i’m in a lovey dovey mood.

  7. gwen says:

    Your popup link didn’t work for me but luckily it’s not one of those funky ones that won’t let you copy & paste it…nice stuff, i wish there was radioblog for macs, i’d be so all over that :[

  8. Ryan says:

    love the radio blogs, eric! yes, Amerie AND Lina were slept on…a little too “out there” and ahead of the curve if you ask me…
    especially Lina
    but good stuff though…hope all is well with you.

  9. malik says:

    Woah! Didn’t know this was an educational site! I’m by no means the music maven you obviously are, so i appreciate the reviews. (Now i gotta go back and check out previous volumes.) Keep it coming, my brotha!

  10. lizard says:

    how cool is that radio blog dealy? i’ve got my playlist streaming using php/javascript (and Evil Media Player on PCs running IE only) but my flash player (which reads an xml file written by php) doesn’t stream, it has to load the whole file. (it’s under ‘we play around’ in the sidebar if you haven’t seen it)
    i downloaded it but dammit i want the .fla file to play with! i wanna see how they flashscripted that bad boy. cross browser cross platform streaming mp3s! eeeeeeeep!
    *ahem* perhaps that seventh cup of coffee was a bad idea.

  11. Steph says:

    i’m hoping that one day you will say, “steph, i’m making a radio blog especially for you!” *smile*

  12. dorian says:

    visit this online exhibition called , many good black and white photos of musicans, including the GREAT Mica Paris. Pogus Caesar took the picture in 1987, it would have been around the time that MY ONE TEMPTATION was being constantly played on the nation’s radio stations.

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